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    • Courtst, you have a creative mind (not to be
      confused with the Singapore Creative), and I do appreciate
      your occasional humorous bits.

      I think Yahoo
      should hire you to dress up all their message boards as
      many of them are much to dull, serious, and


    • masturbation?

    • That's a different type of transaction with a
      different risk. Not a problem.

      If I want to beat a
      wash sale......I buy a second position first and then
      sell the first position.

      Of course, check with
      your accountant on that one.

      I'd like to see
      the IRS chew on that


    • December 7, 1999
      Russians Issue an Ultimatum
      to SIII stockholders
      Leaflet Warning day traders
      to Leave Yahoo Website

      By MICHAEL R.

      NAMENSKOYE, Chechnya -- The Russian military dropped
      thousands of leaflets over Silicon Valley Monday, warning
      shortsellers and speculators of the besieged SIII to get out
      by Saturday or risk death.

      "You have lost!"
      said a leaflet addressed to rebel forces. "There will
      no more negotiations. Everybody who has shorted S3
      will be destroyed. The countdown has

      A less-threatening message to civilians warned them
      to leave the city "by any means possible" for a tent
      camp set up here in the Stanford Mall. "After the
      completion of the counter-terrorism operation you
      will be
      able to return to your Rioports."

      The ultimatum
      underscored the resolve of Russian generals to take the
      besieged 3D and wireless mouse company, either by forcing
      its shortsellers to evacuation or by placing more
      stock options into ithe executive's Schwab

      Estimates of how many daytraders remain in the Yahoo S3
      discussion forum, battered and
      desolated by Walt Amaral's
      third year as CEO and again in recent weeks, vary
      considerably. Nikolai Beeman, a deputy prime minister of S3
      daytraders who has been put in charge of Chechnya, said in
      an interview that some 45,000 to 50,000 daytraders
      short S3 on a daily basis Savage3 estimated that say
      5,000 to 7,000 shell shocked Diamond Multimedia
      shareholders were clinging to their newly printed S3

      Those who failed to stop shorting S3 by Saturday would
      be considered "technical terrorists and bandits" and
      would be "destroyed by Larry Ellison, (Walt Amaral's
      buccaneer buddy) and his F-18."

      Only by leaving,
      civilians were told, "will you be able to avoid death and
      save your 401K accounts."

      To encourage
      disgruntled Diamond Multimedia shareholders to lay down their
      E-Trade accounts and leave, Larry Ellison's planes also
      dropped safe-conduct passes, telling shortsellers
      would receive copies of RedHat software and nude
      pictures of Pamela Anderson if they left the Yahoo message
      board by the weekend.

      The daytraderss were told
      to leave the ECN offices through a specially
      designated "safety corridor" and
      head north toward a
      Portal in Ken Potashener's summer home in Half Moon

      "Further resistance at $10 a share is senseless," Beeman
      declared. "The S3 Board of Directors (Moe Larry and Curly)
      is giving you a last chance." Those who came out
      would be offered shelter, food, the S3 dental /envison
      care plan put in by Walt Amaral "An eye for an eye, a
      tooth for a tooth, a rioport for a rioport"
      most important, life."

      Shortsellers have
      been a thorn in the side of the S3 Executive staff for
      most of this decade. Before the Internet took off and
      before GUIs, Walt Amaral boasted that he would take the
      S3 company into the "New Millenium", with a small
      force of mental midgets and Larry Ellison's old
      girlfriends. Instead, it became the scene of a humiliating and
      costly defeat for Multimedia stockholders.

      It is
      also not clear whether Yahoo is really prepared to
      handle an exodus of daytraders. But as the winter chill
      spread through the S3 portfolios, when a Bull market has
      escaped Walt once again, the short seller's tent city was
      not finished. Workers said they had been ordered to
      construction by Friday. Beeman, just back from the WTO
      demonstrations, lit up a fat Cohiba and proclaimed: "I make money
      going up, and I make money coming down"

    • Something that he didn't do quite as successfully
      as he was accused of.

      He's still on the board
      at MXWL, which is at about 25% of it's
      I submit that maybe he's not as good at putting the
      goods on the table as he is with the smoke and mirror

      Just a thought.

    • if i sell common for a loss and buy calls the same day, does that count as a wash sale?

      i would think yes, but it doesn't hurt to ask :)


    • And since I've already worked the half empty/half
      full philosophical question sucessfully through my
      mind and came to the conclusion that the answer to the
      question implies a question. The answer to the question
      comes through the answer of a secondary question: what
      is the action at the exact time and moment that the
      question was asked? And the answer to the question,
      regarding the action of the time and moment....more is
      being put in then is being taken out, soooooo, the
      glass is filling and we're in the uneviable position of
      hoping that the waiter doesn't spill any of the

      And yes I did get a headache writing the


    • i hear you re: sandboxes! i just sold some S3
      common and bought april 12 1/2 calls to free up some $
      to play around with. that's one way to free up some
      cash. i've have been here since DIMD too, and i can
      relate to the emotional ties.

      i am currently
      trying to decide if i should dump my NPNT and offset
      some gains - however it just hit the 200 and 50 day
      moving averages and i expect it to bounce, so i'm

      happy trading to you, too.


    • I understand your concern, but suppose Kenny
      really is reorganizing the company into several separate
      divisions. The only limitation on the number of SUCCESSFUL
      directions S3 can take is the availability of resources,
      including EFFECTIVE managers for each division. Ken doesn't
      have to personally manage the whole shebang, merely
      select good managers, then keep them supported and

      Since I'm more of 'glass half full' kinda
      guy, that's the way I see it. {:~D)

      nuf . . .

    • In my heart of hearts I know that DSL, light
      pipes, and satelite comm are the plays of the future.
      However, the reality is that Christmas is here again, and
      that will soak up my current (very short) fluidity. No
      investment funds available unless I dump S3, Dell or HD. Of
      the three S3 is the only real candidate, but I've
      been here (thru DIMD) so long that I've become
      emotional about it. I'll wait for the pop up following
      >THE ANNOUNCEMENT<, then look for a couple of
      bargains among the speeder uppers.

      Some days it
      is hell not being rich enough to play in all the
      sand-boxes that look attractive. Thanks for the thought.
      Happy trades to you.

      nuf . . .

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