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  • never_nuf never_nuf Dec 7, 1999 8:52 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    Why the sigh?

    Maybe the Covad tie-in is >> T H E A N N O U N C E M E N T << ? ? ?

    Tee Hee.

    nuf . . .

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    • covd was one of the dsl plays i bought last month
      when i was talkin to you about the sector - did you
      ever get in?

      (i've lost $ on covd, rthm, npnt
      so far, but i am holding these long-term so no

    • The final was suppose to be sigh....not sign.


    • Pots is remaking this co. right under all your
      noses. 2 years from now graphics will be a thing of the
      past for siii. Look at Gateway and Dell. In 3 to 4
      years, computers will be but a drop in the bucket to
      them, their main attraction will be INTERET access and
      I can't


      WIRE)--Dec. 7, 1999-- Diamond Multimedia, a division of S3
      Incorporated SIII , and Covad Communications COVD , today
      announced development plans for an online program that will
      empower consumers to purchase Covad's consumer high-speed
      Internet access and Diamond's HomeFree ADSL residential
      gateway from a single destination.

      Digital Dream Home Web site (
      will provide a one-stop shopping approach to digital
      subscriber line access and home networking.

      Diamond division makes the industry's top-selling home
      networking products, which allow consumers to connect
      multiple PCs over home phone lines. Covad, the leading
      national broadband services provider utilizing DSL
      technology, provides high-speed, always-on Internet access to
      consumers' households at speeds up to 25 times faster than a
      56K modem. According to a recent report by Cahners
      In-Stat Group, worldwide ADSL modem shipments grew 74
      percent sequentially in Q3 1999, and are expected to top
      1.2 million shipments worldwide by the end of 1999.

      "The Diamond site is another way that Covad is working
      to make Internet access easy to buy and use," said
      Rich Wong, Covad's vice president of marketing. "The
      robust digital pipe that broadband home networking
      brings will dramatically change how people use the
      Internet and connect their digital appliances."

      "Today's partnership with Covad, the nation's largest DSL
      service provider, underscores Diamond's leadership
      position in the residential gateway hardware market," said
      Ken Potashner, Chief Executive Officer of S3
      Incorporated. "With analysts predicting the residential gateway
      hardware market to reach $2.4 billion by 2003, this is a
      significant step forward in our overall company efforts to
      expand and dominate in new high-growth markets."

      How the Program Will Work

      looking to upgrade to high-speed Internet access will be
      able to go directly to Diamond's Digital Dream Home
      Web site ( and enter
      their phone number and address. Using Covad's
      qualification technology, the Web site will then determine
      service availability, allowing consumers to order the
      gateway and broadband service immediately. Once ordered,
      Covad will install and configure both the Internet
      connection and the HomeFree Residential Gateway.

      "This is another step toward building a digitally
      connected home," said Mike Reed, marketing director of
      Diamond's Communications Division. "We're eliminating
      confusion from the process of ordering, purchasing and
      installing high-speed Internet access and home networking."

      HomeFree Residential Gateway

      Diamond pioneered
      the home networking product category by launching its
      industry-leading HomeFree line in January. HomeFree Residential
      Gateway, Diamond's fifth home networking product, provides
      consumers with an always-on home network. Consumers can
      network multiple PCs and share Internet access through
      the gateway. Cahners In-Stat predicts residential
      gateway hardware sales to reach $2.4 billion by 2003.

      HomeFree Residential Gateway combines an ADSL Internet
      connection with HomePNA and 10base-T products. Up to 25
      users can access the Internet simultaneously while
      using the HomeFree Residential Gateway. The gateway
      product was developed to be compatible with the HomePNA
      2.0 and 1.0 specifications of the Home Phoneline
      Network Alliance (HomePNA). The HomePNA 2.0
      specification, due to be completed by the end of 1999, will
      maintain full backward compatibility and interoperability
      with the first-generation HomePNA 1.

    • If you get your dogs running in to many can't hunt it down and kill it.

      worried and have been for sometime that we're running in
      too many directions at the same time and (not
      intentional folks) it causes you to "Flounder". That comment
      although will, wasn't intended to encourage you know

      I would like to see a couple of the items that are
      on the stovetop come to fruition before the cook
      burns something and we end up having to go out for
      dinner. Trying to cook, bake and broil does have a way of
      taxing a cook's abilities to put a dinner on the table
      in a timely fashion.

      Hence the sign.