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  • Stock_Meister_98 Stock_Meister_98 Apr 16, 1998 8:18 PM Flag

    The Lion says buy siii and hold for long

    IN your exact words, Mr. ButtHead:

    >>>EAT MY HAIRY SALAD YOU CARCASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This stock will go up or down with you just yelling your poor lungs out not really contributing at all. You
    may as well be trying to hype Intel or Microsoft. This stock going up has nothing to do with your carcass
    brain hyping it. Just buy it and hold as long or short as you like. Nobody except Stock Meister cares for
    your moronic blathering. <<<

    Gee Mr. Butthead, I find this most interesting. In your less-than-intelligent conclusion you state that no one cares about Mr. Lionmaster's "moronic babbling." REALLY?? Then how come he is consistently accused of being successful in "hyping" up a given stock vis a vis LEAP and NWRE?? So if no one cares about his "blabbering" then why is it so mnay ppl follow his predictions? Never mind, my less-than-perceptive friend, the answer is self-obvious!!

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    • BLATHERING ABOUT SIII! I suggest you learn to comprehend what you read. You need to take a few more English classes. You are showing your ignorance, and you also blather with every key stroke.

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      • Can't you just give it a little more, you are a lot tamer than you used to be than in your grimreaper trip. I mean are you a
        psycho, get off anyway you can pervert kind of guy. Be more imaginative, pump the stock a little . I for one would like to hear a
        �GO SIII� from you , I mean you should be talking about the stock at least a little. But no you have to jerk and qwerk all over
        the screen. Please continue by all means, but plug the stock with something other than your exploded bodily fluids. Is that to
        much to ask, oh spasmatic inbreed dog appendage licker. You see you can be a little more imaginative. Oh by the way what do you
        think the impact of these last two deals will have on the lap top market share and how will that translate onto the balance sheet.
        Aloha amen see ya