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  • nherc nherc Dec 1, 1999 3:08 PM Flag

    Well I Think Something Else is Up...

    I definitely think something else is up though
    besides that rehashed news...

    I mean
    a double in volume and 15% increase in one

    Anyone else have a clue... my guess is they are either
    readying actual PRs on the split of divisions and IPO's or
    are going to file the Rioport IPO.


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    • WBC_98,

      You asked me a question a while
      back but I'm afraid I lost in the enormous pile of
      messages on this board which accumulated over Thanksgiving
      Holiday. I think it had something to do with S2K texture
      and lighting. If you could e-mail me the question,
      I'll see what I can find out.


    • are my thoughts also. It seems that once this
      ship starts moving, on heavy volume, it continues in
      the same direction for a couple of days. A press
      release here wouldnt hurt. That aside, IMHO I think we
      will see 10 1/2 today on heavy volume. Good luck

      All comments welcome Please Board.or should hold till 3/00 ?

    • It must make us WRONG.....we made a profit.


    • Would like to read Silicon Valley (whatever)show me the way to San Jose!! BEE MAN; just because we sold today and the market continues up doesn't make us WRONG, does it?

    • Would like to read Silicon Valley (whatever)show me the way to San Jose!!

    • Yes, please, will you and all the others, PLEASE
      run over to SI so we technical analysts will no
      longer have to read your whinnings about people of a
      different color than you.

      In my best "Red Neck".
      Whyyyyy we can't have them know them, damn
      TAer's. Why next thing ya know they're gonna try and date
      our children and then we're gonna have to have them
      over for dinner. And, well, that just ain't right.
      They're different from us and we just don't mix. They
      should stay over on their side of town and leave us

      Talking about smitten with one's

      Just think, if all of your kinda thinking people run
      over to SI, then you won't have to have your thinking
      disturbed by those that think differently than you. What a
      thought......homogonized thinking. Just think everybody will be like you
      and nobody will challenge your thinking. Just think,
      everybody will think like you and you won't have to worry
      about learning anything that's contrary to your CORRECT
      kind of thinking.

      Yes, "maybe enough longs can
      get together over there to engage in some profitable
      discussions without the yap-duels, BS and vulgarity that
      regularly occur here". And I might add and you will then
      have only the echo of your own silence to entertain


    • Set those shorties straight today, now didn't we ?

      Were those 8 3/8 shares yesterday a gift, or what ?

    • I too am sick of these pompous idiots braying on
      about how they can predict price movements by looking
      at their little charts. Anyone whose taken a single
      course in investment analysis knows that chart-watching
      is useless, particularly in predicting price
      movements on individual stocks.

      I'm sure somebody
      will reply about how they've made a fortune trading
      stocks with TA, and I'm just as sure they're full of

      The level of discourse at SI is far more

    • babble about long term holding, which is
      considered a year or more normally...and 5 year or more
      generally. I bought 6 months ago at 7 and am up about 45% so
      6 months has been good to me. In my opinion TA for
      stocks is a total waste of time. Useless. Using it for
      analyses of long-term market moves or sector moves, can
      produce some useful information.

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