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  • never_nuf never_nuf Jan 4, 2000 11:21 PM Flag

    SIII closes up

    <Any other old DIMD shareholders still out

    It was my infatuation with the original RIO/MP3
    concept that got me into the DiamondMM con game almost
    1.5 yr ago. That, in turn, propelled me into the S3
    soap opera (assisted by my own consenting

    But behold, is that light we can see the end of the
    tunnel, or merely a reflection of where we have

    I understand that I am an ass chasing that carrot
    right there in front of me, but by god if I can go just
    a little faster I'll catch the dang thing

    never_nuf . . .

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    • The carrot, the, it IS getting
      closer...puff, puff, wheeze, puff...NO, this is not an optical
      illusion, not a fignewton of my imagination. It REALLY IS
      getting closer. Sure, I know the carrot is tied to a
      stick that I am carrying on my back, but by god, it IS
      closer...huff, puff...oh lordy, pul-leeze let me go just a
      little faster...

      Well, hell! Lookit that. I've
      descended into fantasy land and reduced to talking to

      wheeze, cough - too much is jes nuf . . .

    • Tunnel???
      Be careful...sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a 300MPH Supertrain pointed at your nose!
      Couldn't resist using an old wheeze...
      Good Luck tomorra, all!!!