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  • never_nuf never_nuf Feb 22, 2000 8:05 PM Flag

    VIA's purchase increase closed today

    If we consider that the combined "might" of the
    United Nations did not scare off little N. Korea,
    (Circa, 1950) why would you expect a couple of carriers
    to have an impact on a the committed policy of the
    huge, militant Chinese People's Republic?

    nuf .
    . .

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    • How soon we forget that the ChiComs came pouring
      over the river and push the U.N. troops back because
      Mac Arthur wasn't listened to and just like
      Vietnam......the fight was lost in Washington..... not on the

      The only people that's scared of the army of China
      are the politicians and the ignorant. They can't even
      stay in the field for more than a week before their
      troops are in need of food and support. Remember the
      conflict that China had with Vietnam and the outcome being
      in Vietnam's favor.

      The only thing we have to
      be afraid of, when it comes to North Korea and China
      is what happened to Mac Arthur......"We have met the
      enemy and the enemy is us."

      Use the nukes and
      get it over with.....why drag out the inevitable.
      Let's see.......Clinton's two biggest campaign
      contributors......Loral Missel and Space who gave the ChiComs missile
      guidance technology and the Red Chinese Army who now have
      a base in Long Beach, California.

      At some
      point you have to come to the conclusion that the
      American Dollar is worth fighting for and that Tiawan is a
      major contributor to the "American Way of

      Either let freedom ring or let it die but stop killing
      me with the B.S.

    • but it is wishful thinking. You can bet your ass if Reagan was in office they would very careful with their threats. They know Clinton will do nothing.