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  • never_nuf never_nuf Mar 31, 2000 1:24 PM Flag

    What does the sale:

    Franrizzo might be right. I've been through two
    buyouts, and both times I felt like a proctologist was
    getting to me without the lub.

    Still, I just can't
    resist the price ... bought more @ 19 5/8 while
    repeating the ancient chant, OWA TAGU SIAM.

    nuf . .

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    • eagles fly, Potashner won't give it away.
      one of those buyouts was DIMD, didn't you
      well 'nuf?

      The sad thing about proctologists,
      the first
      thing they teach them is not to bite

      • 2 Replies to eleggoe
      • Appologies to eleggoe and frankrizzo for mispelt
        (sic) handles. Sorree bout dat. Good to see Chakka and
        Classic posting here again.

        <Potashner won't
        give it away.>
        Not that this is the case, but
        taking care of KP is not exactly synonymous with taking
        care of stockholders, as demonstrated by BS. By the
        way, wonder if herman, aka abbie hoffman ever got over
        being miffed (sic) at BS�and his family?

        one of those buyouts was DIMD, didn't you fare well
        Yep, sure did. But that was after a
        respectful waiting period where, at times, things looked
        very grim. And I voted FOR that takeunder because the
        choices were limited to either a corn-hole or castration.

        I assume that if a portion of S3 is sold or traded
        away, there will be some sort of pro-rata compensation
        to stockholders of record, who are the real owners
        of the corporation. But who determines what level
        and form that compensation will be? Good grief, where
        is Jonanne2 when you really need him?

        nuf . .

      • The secong thing they teach them is how to save choking patients by performing the Hind-Lick maneuver...(:>) Old Texas joke! April Fool! ---->Happy Eagle!