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  • frankrizzo1960 frankrizzo1960 May 18, 2000 1:03 PM Flag

    Here's my problem,


    KP has sold $9,676,883 worth of S3 shares since
    May 1999. Not bad for year. How many shares does this
    prick have left? How much interest in S3 do you really
    think he has left? My opinion, he has done his deed and
    made alot of cash for himself. I'd keep a close eye on
    him. Think about it, did he really need $10 million or
    is he getting ready to jump ship?

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    • Bathwater...for less than .45 a share.


    • Frank, you don't seem to understand. Everytime KP
      sells, it is to finance exercise of options...which
      means his share total is INCREASING every time he
      sells. The sales fiance the purchase and tax

      His share holdings have been going up each quarter
      since he was hired.


    • grudge against Pots? I recall Pots had
      options for around 6 million shares... It is quite
      accepted that any exec is WISE to diversify his or her own
      investment portfolio. Pots would be a fool not to do that.
      He has plenty left in the company and I am sure he
      will sell some from time to time as any astute
      investor would do. Potashner is the vision and force
      behind the development of S3 and he is doing extremely
      well. Dont expect him not to take some profit out of
      his endeavor... rez

    • I believe the S3 report said KP received 4.4mil
      shares as part of his package. As far as I know there is
      a 4 year vesting period and he's been at S3 for
      about 1.5 yrs. He should have plenty more, I think!

      • 1 Reply to BENZFUND
      • You're losing it. KenP is a greedy f-er just like
        you. He'll stick around and make more dough. So will

        Instead of watching the ticker why don't
        you do your own homework on S3. If you read the 10-K
        (what's that?) you will know how many options the
        management team at S3 has. Then you won't look like such a
        fool relying on Yahoo insider sales data.

        somebody who has been around S3 for so long you don't
        appear to know @#$% about it.