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  • dimdinvstr dimdinvstr Jul 12, 2000 10:13 PM Flag

    On Via/S3 deal & on INTC sale

    Spoke with someone at S3 recently who said that
    Via deal may end up closing in August, but will
    close. Something about additional paperwork needed by
    Taiwan Govt.. Give 'em the benefit of doubt I guess. I
    still think it will close.

    On INTC share sale
    what I heard is a little odd, and we may be given more
    info later, but essentially the message was INTC is
    out of ALL the S3 stock. You know the warrants were
    for 1,000,000 shares @$9 which expire this December;
    the warrants themselves cost $1 per warrant to INTC.
    They didn't want to go into too much detail, but when
    I pointed out that only 429,477 shares were filed
    for sale by INTC (out of 1,000,000 available), I was
    told that something had been worked out such that the
    429,477 sold covered INTC's gain in the

    I told you it was fuzzy, but they were clear that
    INTC is indeed OUT.

    Posted FWIW, which may not
    be much.

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    • You are a real asset to this BB, and I appreciate
      the many consistantly
      informative posts you have
      submitted during the two years I have been
      around. You are obviously knowledgeable both in
      and in investing.

      But your handle bugs me.
      Surely you post on other boards. Do you use
      the same
      handle, or do you adopt the company name for each
      you post on?

      Again, I thank you for your
      presence and your contributions here, and if
      you don't
      mind, I would really appreciate an answer to my

      Happy Trades to You . . .

      nuf . . .

      • 1 Reply to never_nuf
      • Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it has been 2
        years, actually more for me. Time really flies! Sure
        isn't the same thing we started out with, that's for

        I just kept the handle from the DIMD board for
        continuity, and yes I do use a different ID for the different
        boards I post on, which really aren't all that many. A
        couple I use across a few boards.

        Have a nice

    • traded the rest of the warrants to VIA for certain favors...? thanks for the info... rez

      • 1 Reply to REZOOM1
      • I really don't know if there was some compromise
        deal in how those warrants were closed out. We will
        probably never know all the details. Remember how the NVDA
        stock that DIMD sold back to NVDA was never disclosed
        in any detail, and never appeared in the financials?
        Probably it just gets swept away and not talked about.
        Somehow I don't see it as too important, but I could be