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  • never_nuf never_nuf Jul 13, 2000 8:18 AM Flag

    On Via/S3 deal & on INTC sale

    You are a real asset to this BB, and I appreciate
    the many consistantly
    informative posts you have
    submitted during the two years I have been
    around. You are obviously knowledgeable both in
    and in investing.

    But your handle bugs me.
    Surely you post on other boards. Do you use
    the same
    handle, or do you adopt the company name for each
    you post on?

    Again, I thank you for your
    presence and your contributions here, and if
    you don't
    mind, I would really appreciate an answer to my

    Happy Trades to You . . .

    nuf . . .

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    • Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it has been 2
      years, actually more for me. Time really flies! Sure
      isn't the same thing we started out with, that's for

      I just kept the handle from the DIMD board for
      continuity, and yes I do use a different ID for the different
      boards I post on, which really aren't all that many. A
      couple I use across a few boards.

      Have a nice