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  • never_nuf never_nuf Jan 2, 2001 8:42 AM Flag

    huevos11 & cybeur_wolf...

    Thanks guys, for contributing to my continuing
    education in investing. I am still a novice at this game
    and not nearly as nimble witted as I once was. I have
    had some very nice trading plays, although this year
    has been an overall bummer. My total portfolio (NAS
    heavy) is down about 35%. However, I see a lot of upside
    potential there - ha!

    CW - I am very interested in
    Options, and have a couple of unread books on the subject.
    For now it is still a very murky picture, and I am
    reluctant to jump into them until I understand them better.
    Just need some quiet time to get in some study. The
    techniques you described look very promising.

    - Your description of stops appears well thought
    out. I assume the "fib #'s" refers to the Fibonacci
    sequence? By the way, congrats on your recent QCOM plays as
    described by CW. Very nice moves.

    Although DIMD,
    S3, SBLU stock has been an overall dog for two years,
    with very few and very brief exceptions, the message
    board is well above average. Thanks again to both of
    you for your help.

    Happy trades to you . .

    nuf . . .