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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt May 14, 2002 12:03 AM Flag

    Early wrong again

    Speaking of parasites, I am a bit surprised at the FCC's ruling to continue to let the parasitic competetion who feed off of the rbocs and t with no amendment forcing them to start building out their own networks in a reasonable period of time. The consent decree of 1984 was supposed to give these leaches a hand up in the competetion for telephone service, not a lifetime guarantee to suck the lifeblood out of the networks already in place, until they are rich and then just go away with no responsibility to the public. I guess my greatest concern is that at some point, our communication system could be in shambles. I am concerned that our courts are not more forward looking. We all have a cellphone, a computer, but....when our plain old telephone line goes out of order and we can no longer use concerned are we? I am wondering if our judicial system has ever given that one second of thought. As usual, the general public is given little consideration. It's all about money for the rich. We, as investors, just buy a little stock and make a little money.....or lose a little..whichever the direction...but my concern goes way beyond that. For 17 years, the courts have tried to create competetion with a level playing field...I think it's time they start hitting these perpetual resellers with some accountability for building out their own networks and for staying in business and guaranteeing good service after the sale instead of making their millions and diving. That would be true competetion. There is just no excuse for WCOM except excessive greed.