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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Jun 7, 2002 12:55 AM Flag

    WCOM debt, revenue, and cash flow

    I know what Maintenance Capex is you agitator, I ask you again.......what maintenance does wcom actually have? WCOM is mostly a resaler. Resalers do not pay the maintenance costs of their lines. WCOM certainly has no local lata, thus no maintenance costs as that is resold also. I ask you again......what maintenance does wcom actuallly have?

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    • >I ask you again.......what maintenance does wcom actually have?

      How about having to deal with the technical obsolescence of their crown jewel, UUNet? That's gotta take a BIG bite.

    • WorldCom/MCI/Brooks - Brooks laid miles of fiber in Michigan - and on this they have Thousands of Local/data/LD service - I'm not sure of all the Markets, but Grand Rapids (to the Lake SHore) area is full of this fiber. Granted, they are losing customers to AMeritech and Clecs - biggest reason - Customer service - and they Cutovers make Nightmare on Elm st look like Bambi. Because they are nightmarish.