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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Jan 8, 2003 12:00 PM Flag

    Link to FCC Chair Michael Powell
    For those of us who want to commend our FCC Chair for his good work.

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    • thats not true,former at&t chairman at the time john walters,tried une-p and the cost of leasing was too high and was deem not profitable to at&t to offer local service to consumer so they stop,the states commissions
      just recently lowered the amount the rbocs charge the clecs and hence we have true competition,everyboby is happy except the rboc's!

    • JohnHenry,

      You seem to forget that UNE-P has only been around for the last couple of years. (in ameritech region anyway.) The start up CLECs always could get in to the business through ReSale. The larger CLECs bought unbundled loops and installed their own switches.

    • So you think I am wasting my time on this message a true RBOC employee, you probably think you own this message board too...

      Actually I am just looking for some good banter on the hot is interesting to see the effects of SBCs marketing to its own employees. Do you think the general public understands those adds against UNE-P or do you think they are really directed at the SBC employees?

      Why weren't SBC employees up in arms about UNE-P 3 or 4 years ago? Oh that's right, you needed UNE-P competition in order to get 271 was true competition then but now it is not. Kind of sounds like a politican talking out of both sides of the mouth...

    • ds4648 Jan 12, 2003 2:05 AM Flag

      Reply to -JohnHenry456-
      When is a company corrupt for hiring retired politicians. Never heard af anyone complaning of that before, and what happened to SBC in Oklahoma? What they did there wasnt illegal. I really dont know who you work for or why you would come on here and waste your time, but to say SBC is corrupt is like CLEC's and resellers are true competetion. Get a little bit more educated before you make youself look like an azz.

    • >Windy - this is a hilarious reply<

      No one seems to be laughing but you. Argued like a true clec. The FCC is no longer holding your hand and kissing your cheek. I know it's a hard pill to swallow; however, it's time to pay your just dues and pay you shall (that is if you still can survive with rates that are in line and not at give away prices). Sell that mansion on the hill-you'll make it if you cut back just a little.

    • A proposal to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission was one of the many pieces of evidence presented to my attorney proving repeated perjury and piercing the veil. They had a consolidated financial statement in their proposal but they denied ever having one under oath, even though they testified that they wrote the exact same proposal.

      Oklahoma is a piece of work. My father was born there and I loved spending time on the farm where he gre up on our travels across the country, but there are no laws preventing a government employee from awarding a contract to a relative in that state. Jeez, I could go on for hours on that one, but just suffice it to say that some people, including myself, believe that the president of the Counsel On Government Ethics in Law (COGEL) should be removed. She is the Oklahoma Ethics Commissioner.

    • Windy - this is a hilarious reply. You have some strong feelings...

      First off, I agree that WorldCom is fraud and all the people involved should
      be punished. I also agree that we have too much corruption in our country.

      Where you go wrong, however, is painting SBC as the corporate saint. Did
      you know that a few years ago SBC was busted for paying a state commissioner
      for favorable rulings in Oklahoma? You talk about how state public utility
      commissioners are corrupt - but did you know that SBC now employs many of
      those former state or federal regulators? Judy Walsh from Texas, Dorothy
      Atwood from the FCC and the list goes on...I would bet money that Michael
      Powell works for an RBOC after his time at the FCC is over (he is killing
      his political career)! Do you think these former regulators know that much
      about telecommunications that they are good hires by SBC or do you think
      they are being repaid for services rendered?

      Finally and the most telling is that SBC's president is a former politician!

    • Thanks for your kind words. You're right. I post here for my own reasons. I am also sick of the corruption, which I found at EVERY LEVEL of government - local, state and federal. I am sick of reporters sitting on news stories to promote their ideologies. I am sick of people lying in court and not being punished. I am sick of dishonest business practices and government bribary and extortion. We used to joke about the corruption in Tiajuana, but the truth is that the problem is as bad or worse in the US because the payoffs are that much higher. Government and business in cahoots to swindle the public - that's what bothers me the most.

      Here in the SF Valley we had a big problem with stolen cars. One business would dishonestly purchase those stolen parts, undercut the competition and pretty soon all of the businesses had to do it to remain competitive. Bad business drives out good business and corrupts the society. Economic crimes are CRIMES and need to be prosecuted to keep a level playing field. The sooner we start prosecuting economic crimes, the sooner good, honest business can take hold.

    • Very good post. You are correct that over the last 15 years all we have heard is copper will eventually disappear and everything will be FTTH. It took many years and $$$ to get all these copper facilities in place, can you imagine what it would take to get fiber in place.

      That said, we were actually discussing this at the office, opinion was we will probably see Fiber RTs in place that will shorten the copper length that will allow more DSL speed and better efficency. Fiber will replace the large cable runs that are in place now which will cost $$$, but not the amount it would cost to replace all the cable down alleys, easemnts, etc. I think we will see this begin as soon as FCC changes rules. That's why I think the reclassification of DSL to an info service is more important than the changes in UNE-P. I am almost 3 miles from co(14000 ft) and my DSL runs, most of the time, at T1 speed, sometimes drops back to half that(don't know why), but as far as internet use I can't tell any difference.
      By the time RTs go in and more customers are signed up and speed and efficiency are up I expect technology that will allow more services on broadband. This also must happen because people will not spend money for fasters internet and nothing else.

      I would love to be around after all the above takes place and then see FTTH start to go in, but alas, by that time I should have a nice bed of daisies over my head or someones fiber cable.

    • SBC was a mediocre stock over the last 10 years????

      And thats doesn't include paying a buck dividend a share every year. Don't feel too sorry for yourself. Telecom bust helped and hurt everybody. But its hard to say that SBC has been mediocre.

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