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  • normraz normraz Jun 10, 2003 7:24 PM Flag

    Current Telcom WMD began

    in 1983 when AT&T greed reared it's ugly head and said, "If you let us use our "resources" to compete with IBM in the computer sector, we'll admit we're a Telcom monopoly and Judge Green can retire a hero of his own making. We want the Long Distance and Yellow Page revenue, and you can leave the remaining crumbs with the RBOC's."

    If AT&T CEO Charlie Brown (at that time) could only have seen a vision of the disconbobulated future of telcom to this very day ... it would be my guess that Chuck would have reversed his course and told the Fed that taxpayer's money would be much better served by stop trying to break up Ma Bell, and use that taxpayer money to help build an army of Medical CLEC companies to suck off the spoils of the American Medical Association octopus in the disguise of "fair competition."

    Meaning WHAT? Anyone with a scalpel and terrible hand writing (perscriptions) should be able to invade our local hospitals and do the same type of work doctors and nurses are doing ... using THEIR facilities and equipment and personell ... of COURSE at a drastically reduced WHOLESALE rate.

    Hey ... it's only FAIR COMPETITION - RIGHT???!!!

    Communism collapsed because ultimately ... there no longer was enough profit for everyone to go around.

    What we have going on here in America is Tele-communism, plain and simple. It's working so well in Telcom ... why NOT take it to the Medical arena?

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    • want to name the clan? By the way, do you monitor the cable companies? They answer to no one also....Cox Commmunications, etc...those guys have got it made. They do not have to share their lines. I do have their service and am happy with it though. I can't get DSL where I am. I am very happy with them as far as their service, but very expensive at this time. They started out cheap and go up all the time. I'm beginning to look around, but am lucky to get it where I live. I have a high speed service, but the more people who are connecting on their lines, and when those times peak, my computer gets slower than dial-up. I think it will get worse. What do you think?

    • Sounds like its a Kurosawa samurai movie. I guess i represent the DSL clan. (:p)

      Linesharing will return!!

    • They destroyed NCR and paved the way for Microsoft's DOS. Too bad. CP/M was a better operating system.

    • P.S. to my last post:

      Prez. Bush doesn't need to come up with WMD in Iraq. They are right here in the USA! They are called "Fair Telcom Competition" being yeiled by Judges of the like that can be found in States like Illinois and on seats in the FCC.