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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Jun 11, 2003 12:54 AM Flag

    Current Telcom WMD began

    You are an evil man to throw these scriptures in Norm's face like this, only to use them for your own pleasure and not for any good purpose. I don't trust you one bit.

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    • Windy. i never asked for your friendship and you nevered offer yours. So whether you trust me or not i don't care. Why am i evil? Because i support a company who you seem to hate? So be it.
      But just like your friend telephonejock, I asked to join that same club 6mo ago. Maybe they didn't like my CLEC preferences. Oh well. If they can't intellegently support their own decision, what good is it for me to try and support mine to them. But I've never bashed anybody on this board and I've always tried to present a view thats supportive of my views, though maybe different than yours.

      Well the scripture part.... Don't sweat it.. I'll stop as this is a financial board and not a morning prayer meeting. Norm knew what i meant by it.