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  • edsl48 edsl48 Jun 12, 2003 9:31 PM Flag

    I am going to call SBC tomorrow

    and see what they charge per hour, or quarter hour, to fix an inside phone line.
    I will bet it will be very expensive. I have no idea why an inside line would fail unless it was improperly installed to begin with.
    The CLECs have no techs, so SBC gets to supply techs to fix the lines. At 40 bucks fr the first ten mins...I'd say SBCis making lottz of $$ supplying techs...wonder why those $$s do not funnel down to SBCs earnings statements?

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    • Obviously you dont know your facts.Number one Its around $85 for the first half hour and about $20 for every 15 minutes .The number one reason they go bad is age ....get over it .I bet all your parts are not all working anymore.Number two it cost sbc over 50 dollars just to roll a truck to a house not to include the time spent at the house.And sbc only charges 30 bucks to prove the trouble inside.It doesent take a rocket scientist to figure the loss einstein.Get you facts straight.

    • >>I have no idea why an inside line would fail unless it was improperly installed to begin with.<<

      I'll have to disagree with you on this one. I ripped a line out moving my desk to the other room. I didn't know it was broken until about 6 months later when I moved my phone back. An SBC tech fixed it. These guys can trace a broken line and repair it very quickly. They've got all the tools, training and experience.

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      • You ripped out the line
        Q? WHen did it stop working
        A! after I moved my desk

        Q?Was your phone on your desk
        A! Yes

        So the line failed by causes created by you. How many lines failed inside your studwalls? Did the wiring, beyond what you yourself damaged, fail? How much did SBC charge you to fix?
        My 12 year old can trace a line like that easy.
        Most probaly you damaged the wall jack. A 79 cent fix.
        After SBC got done with it ...cost the shareholders bundles of bucks.
        Nice try SBC Tech...
        That makes no sence

    • Why don't you get another company to do the work.. You don't have to get those overpaid, SBC repairmen!! I think that there are many other people who can fix you up...

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      • I am an instructor for plant schools in the LA area. I have read all of these postings regarding SBC, and I must say that there are no factual figures or prices being posted. I read something that said we charged $85 for a half an hour of work. This is not true. We charge $45 for the first 15 mins. and $16 for every 15 mins. after that. A normal service tech. costs the company $154.00 an hour for thier loaded rate. You do the math.

        I love this company for what it has given me and my family, and I love my fellow co-workers. It is horrible to read peoples postings of how the hate the company. I quote a new employee I had in one of my repair classes, "A lot of people are complaining, but no one is quiting!"

    • You should call the FCC, and Judge Greene, and ask them why deregulation? We used to fix the wiring for free, but the powers that be decided that the consumers really wanted a "choice" to pay whomever. By the way, the biggest opponent of the Bell Sysytem before the breakup, and the loudest voice against the Bell Sysytem was non other than MCI/Worldcom. We see how well they did, collecting their money from the customers, and not paying for the "pipe" during reorganization.

    • Do you know how stupid you are??? Call a plumer, an electrician, the maytag repairman, and ask them why they charge what they do.. Inside lines do not "fail"..People damage them.. They spill drinks on/in the plugs, let their kids play with them, try to use the wiring for speakers.. Ignorant people like you have NO CLUE what it costs to send a truck and repairman, both of which are insured, tools, training, support people,,,,, you know, the people who answer the phone, and listen to fols like you!!!

    • "wonder why those $$ don't filter down to earnings"Dude you know nothing about the phone biz!!! The reason is the clecs don't pay their Worldcon declared bk owing millions.You notice they are still pedelling their garbage(as MCI) and still not paying there bills.A dumbass like you are probably thinking "why doesn;t SBC just cut them off.You ever here of a thing called "the law".Legaly service can not be denied to a clec.I think the real question should be why so mant clecs go bk when in effect their mark up(proffit margins) are infinate.