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  • cwamember cwamember Apr 28, 2004 10:40 AM Flag

    What is the Union asking for anyway?

    Boy are you full of piss and vinegar

    If your truely a CWA member, then you should know that there are excellent mental health benefits that have been negotiated. Perhaps you should check them out. It may help you feel better

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    • You sir must be a regular user of those benefits if you believe the chickensh*t that gets posted on "your" union's website.
      Ask "your" union for the facts on what the company proposed them. I think the company laid out its proposal several times now in public. Where's the union's detailed presentation of their proposal? Won't find it because all they yack about it retirees. Ask them. I dare you. See what kind of full and comprehensive response you get from "your" union. Ahhh. Your dues at work.