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  • RobertR2000 RobertR2000 May 18, 2004 11:58 PM Flag


    sodombc:"Where in the post did I ask you how much you were going to make, bob? I don't see it, bob. Try again, bob. Friggin clerks..."

    Right here: (Friggin jerks...)

    sodombc: "You made more than 140K at SBC? Doing what?"
    Robertr: "I never said that I made $140k. I said 6 figures. Kinda like someone that makes $50k knows that $75k is a LOT more."
    sodombc: "If you've made serious money "in the past" like you say, why are you now soiling yourself over a little OT?"
    Robertr: "I don't consider double paychecks to be "a little" OT. Do you?"
    sodombc: "You just don't sound like someone who's seen a real paycheck before, at least not from SBC. Your turn."
    Robertr: "I had a contract job with PALM/3COM a while back. $95 hour, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days. You add it up! The Gap was paying $50/hr for 6 days a week, I was there for 8 months... There's 2 example for you.... I have more."