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  • cwamember cwamember May 18, 2004 3:13 PM Flag

    i promise to be a nice scab

    <Thanks, but I also have been told nice guys finish last...All I care about is how I carry myself and how I am looked at by my wife and kids.>

    your right corlesser.

    How is swellguy going to answer the question "Daddy, what is a scab?"

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    • I don't know. A man who makes his own decisions. Someone who leads and doesn't follow. I'd start with that.

    • Just remember when you cross the picket line, if you dont pass go, you dont collect a paycheck.Dont do anything stupid that would put yourself in jail.Take a camcorder with you...For you cwamember, you are a member, a big one.If you ever did procreate, they're probably grown by now , out on ther own. Thank god they are out of the home, if not, poor kids....

    • A Scab is a bad name that Person A calls Person B who then calls Wicked Al @ HR who comes out and takes Person A into the SPECIAL ROOM for ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT OR DIRECTIONS TO THE DOOR. Person A's choice. I'm not that nice. If I was the point of scab abusing either name calling or oscrichisizing, I would call both Wicked Al and my attorney. Take no prisioners.