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  • yahoo yahoo May 9, 2005 7:26 AM Flag

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    • I have reported this Pension Fund scam on this board several times for over a year. Many large companies would have no profits if not for the use of fictious Pension Fund gains.

      I still think this is yet another bombshell to go off. At some point the magic bean counters will have to fess up, and take down those earnings numbers. How can they keep showing estimated projected Pension Fund earnings, when they have actually declined for 3 years ! Some of these Funds are approaching under-funding. How can they explain to share holders "estimated gains of blah-blah, but had to pay in $3 billion dollars on under-funded Pension Fund."
      I estimate for SBC those projected earnings from the over funded Pension Plan are about $1.10 per share.
      From the annual report, the Pension Fund has actually lost money each of the last 2 years. Assets have dropped from $45B to $32B. Minimum funding is $25B. Yet the magic bean counters continue to show earnings on the Corporate bottom line.

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      • So you're short and you want the stock to go down and you hope to arouse suspicion of the pension fund. Wrong. It has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. Give us a link if you really want to prove a point.......or just go away. Anybody who would short this stock is not a very good trader. I will not tell you which stock is a better short because I'm not in the mood to do anybody else's homework.

    • I tried to access your link but it said it was unaccessible. I always appreciate what Warren Buffet has to say, but I prefer to hear whatever he's saying come out of his mouth and interpret it for myself. He is usually misquoted. I do not believe Buffet would do anything to disturb the current market situation. Most of what he has to say is in a helpful, productive way...not destructive.

    • Warren Buffet my ass, he's another SOB past his prime. If you can predict what the market is going to do tomorrow and waste that talent on a chat board, YOU ARE A LOSER!! F off and go play with yourself.

    • today is because I haven't posted yet, until now. The mere fact that I would take time out on this fine Sunday day of rest to make my presence known should thrill most who read this board. I have become more famous than Elvis on this board, and a lot better looking, by the way.

      Yet I'm not looking for compliments on my good looks nor taking the time to post this Sunday. What I deserve credit for is helping "rationalized" stock holders get out of this loser before it drains every cent of wealth they have.

      SBC headed down, down, down. You know I'm right.

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      • Thank you for gracing us with your postings today early and we are all impressed that you have Elvis qualities....I know I am. The fact that you are short this stock, I'm sure in way, is driving your postings. By the way, can you sing like Elvis? Well, you could just drive this board absolutely crazy and we would all just follow you, shorting SBC, and all have a Blue Blue Christmas.