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  • Rajman_00 Rajman_00 Sep 29, 1999 6:39 PM Flag

    Does Anyone have any idea why SBC took

    the gaspipe today, especially
    after being up so nicely in the am?

    Intelligent responses only,

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    • I think the best guess and I say guess, because
      there was zero negitive news out today. A post made by
      cqdx post number #8874. This is reguarding profit
      taking. Remember just days ago SBC was bouncing around
      $47 per share, a sale at todays open would give you a
      $6 share profit in just a few days. As I said no
      news totay that could be revelant to todays drop. At
      open by 7:00 am AIT was rising with 800,000 shares
      traded. At that same time Had close to 2 Million shares
      traded and was rising. At 10:15 am both stock reched
      their days high and the retreat started with average
      volume. This information can be found on todays 1 day
      chart. At 11:18 A press release came out from AIT,
      announcing a joint partnership with Bell Canada. It will be
      in reguards to providing Security Services. It can
      be found on todays AIT news. One would think that if
      anything both stocks would do no more than stay at
      yesterdays close, but no. As I said all the telco's took a
      hit today for reasons, that can not as yet be
      explained. Even Bell Atlantic took a hit after announcing
      their filing for L.D. provisioning, Why? The only
      winner in our sector today was Sprints PCS the symbol is
      the same PCS. Today they gained a record of $3&11/16?
      A friend of mine rolled back into SBC yesterday at
      close. His advise came from his broker. Who will I,m
      sure be out of the office for the next few days. I
      have no fear related to my SBC investment. But if you
      watch it every day it can be taxing at times. The stock
      has always gone up and down and always will. Review
      past year end returns and you will feel much,much
      better. ( TAKE CARE )

    • (Take Care)

    • That began at the begining of August and then retraced about 50%, without doing the math, from it's recent low in mid September and is now going to continue downward.