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  • SterlingChap SterlingChap Jul 10, 2000 7:42 AM Flag

    Chap's take....

    As I said before, I hold a long position on
    Because they are solid as a rock historically, yet have
    super opportunity to gain substantial growth via
    plundering new technologies applied to their traditional
    business base.
    See the news this morning: A simple,
    easy, CHEAP way to get online with DSL - fully aligned
    with serving a huge number of potential
    customers....BEFORE any competition can grab them!
    Note that
    despite the rantings of t_badel etc etc SBC stock has
    FIRMLY held against the efforts of the "shorting"
    brigade. There has been NO EA warning - and timeliness for
    one of these has now surely expired.
    I forsee the
    Market taking VERY KINDLY to the way SBC are
    It presents a way to invest in a stable company, yet
    gain the opportunity to win from the more SENSIBLE
    aspects of high technology in terms of PROFITS and
    DIVIDENDS (see SBC's Yield!).
    After today, methinks the
    shorts are dead ducks. Perhaps they will go away for a
    lengthy period?
    Perhaps they will turn about and
    become Bulls?
    Whatever they do, theire credibility is
    severely compromised now.
    Stay lucky,

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