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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Dec 1, 2012 7:04 PM Flag

    SEC, Penn director Jacquemin conveniently excercised an option for 110,000 shares, nov 14 at 29-33/sh


    The very next day, they announce the $12 a share special dividend, and split into 2 companies.
    Now how friggan convenient was that. In 24 hours, you make at least 1,870,000 dollars.
    And not only that, but he also did one nov 7, for 15,000 shares at 7.95 a share.
    Thats a cool 630,000 dollars. Thats 2 1/2 million dollars my friends.
    And Carlino. Mr "The financing is virtually guaranteed" . On Nov 9, he exercised an option for 75,000 shares, at 7.95 a share, for a cool 630,000 within a week for hisself.
    Now I know that options are scheduled to expire from time to time. And most times, people buy the shares at the price they are entitled to, then sell the same day, to lock in their gain. You tell me, why they exercise 200,000 shares, already making a bundle, and decide to keep them. Look at most of the other insider trading. This is what they normally do. Exercise and sell the saem day, or next day. So you tell me, how they keep their shares this time, and how within 2 weeks, there is the news. Now with Penn paying out below 90% in slots, they are boinking the slot players and shareholders. I saw a Penn ad recently. A local player had won 2,000 in slot play. And that was the first winner I had seen in months. 2,000 dollars, are you kidding me ? they used to have 5,000 and 10,000 winners up almost every week. For Penn to say they have the hottest action in town is true. For they have the only action in town. It would also be the truth to say Penn has the worst cards and slots in town. I hope the penna gaming commission approves Gettysburg gaming, with someone else besides penn managing it. Penna needs more competition to keep these clowns honest. Like with Atlantic city having multiple places to choose from. Dear SEC. Will you please look into this recent insider activity.

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