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  • scams_r_u scams_r_u Jan 31, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

    Scammer Pico!

    Do I have you seething already???

    In your below message dated January 29, 2013, at 9:13 PM, you state, in pertinent part:

    In your message dated March 20, 2006, at 4:05 PM (that's almost 7 FULL years ago), you stated, in pertinent part:

    Hey scammer... if you are making all that money, WHY are your total earnings in January 2013, still the SAME amount as you claimed you had earned, back in March 2006?

    Has anyone seen M'tech go over "a billion a year in sales?" The reason their revenues were going up back then was because most of the associates and the big distributors were liars, frauds and deceivers. When it came out in the Barron's article; in the Class Action for Securities Fraud; in the Chie Sasaki Fraud case; and in the Texas A.G.'s Fraud and Deception case--to name a few, well-documented matters--M'tech went in the toilet where they belonged!

    The inflated stock price went from $26.10, in March 2005, DOWN to 31.4 cents a share on March 23, 2012 (if we account for the 1-to-10 Reverse Stock Split on Jan. 17, 2012). They had to do the 1-to-10 Reverse Stock Split so that they would not be DE-LISTED from the NASDAQ later in January 2012. Every MTEX shareholder gave up 10 of their MTEX shares to get 1 share of the new MTEX shares, which bumped the share price up to $4.00 a share when it was selling for 40 cents a share. Shares outstanding dropped from 26.5 million shares, down to 2.65 million shares. On the day of the Reverse Split, the Market Cap was still $10.6 million.

    Associates and members dropped from 575,000, in 2007, down to 227,000 in March 2012, despite adding 15 new countries to its Marketplace since March 2, 2005, increasing the total Marketplace from 613.2 million consumers, up to 955.6 million consumers, at present.

    Net Sales sank to $43 million for the 3 months ending Sept. 30, 2012, and $131 million for the 9 months ending Sept. 30, 2012, and still trending downwards. They will be lucky to hit $170 million for the year 2012.

    The Market Cap went from $692 million in March 2005 to $8.3 million in early 2012... and is now at $15.9 million, due to its still-inflated stock price!

    Its Enterprise Value TODAY is only $4.75 million! Which means, that is all the Company is worth, if they sold the entire shebang--worthless Patents, their one-time state-of-the-art laboratory, all their inventory, office furniture, computers, software, and all!!!

    And, since when has mannastuff helped anyone with their health? It's snake oil. The best you can get from it is a placebo effect! The only ones pumping it are its paid shills, and most of them don't make anything from it--when they are supposed to be growing a business, and they're the suckers using it. That's why the Associates are dropping out so continuously. A drop of 348,000 Associates with an increase of 342 million consumers! What's that tell you, scammer?

    Associates were paid a total of $18, 658,000 in Commissions and Incentives for the 3rd Quarter ending September 30, 2012. This means that on average each of the 233,000 Associates in that same quarter earned, $800.77 for the entire Quarter; or $266.92 per month in the Quarter; or $61.60 per week (in a 13-week month); or $8.80 a day in a 7-day week; or $10.27 a day in a 6-day week; or $12.32 in a 5-day week. In other words, one-half of all Associates made that amount or more, while the other half of them (116,500 Associates), earned THAT amount, or less! Most of them earned a lot less, when you consider the big Distributors pull in $3 million or more a year, which really drains that $18 million from the pot!

    I even believe that the International Sports Karate Association (ISKA) wisely and quietly did not renew their original glorified Partnership Contract, which expired after 2 years, earlier in 2012! Now, why would that be, scammer?

    Are you sure you want to tangle with me, scammer??? I'm just getting started! You aren't living in a real world, and I have the evidence to prove it, well beyond what I stated above!

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    • Another apology, readers... in the 3rd paragraph from the bottom, beginning with: "Associates were paid a total of $18,658,000...", a few lines down in the parenthesis, I meant to say "in a 13-week Quarter"... NOT "a 13-week month".

      Well, I have to see if I can borrow a nickel so I can cover the scammer's bet he wants to make with me. He's getting to be comical. Too bad his head is so warped... too much sniffing of the dummy dust--aka tubs of Ambrotose!

      His calling me "putz" is cracking me up. That's what I always called qltiwatcher in the early 2000's.

      Bwah, ha, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, hee, hee, ho, ho, haha, haha, hee, hee, ho, ... !

    • Seething? What a Joke. You're the one seething with your nonsensical posts. $300,000 then and even more today but, not close to $400,000. My check is down to around $600 per month. Put up something worth while fool. Do so before your library card expires and you lose your computer privileges. It is quite obvious that you live in a dream world of hate.
      My 1099s are what the criminals in Washington use, so have at it. All your folderol has nothing to do with my checks. They just keep coming, although they are getting smaller. Go find a lawyer who will judge whether my 1099s add up to way more than $300,000. Put up some sort of amount and if it is worth my time I'll play your silly game. Of course you won't because you are all hot hateful air. I realise that a nickle is a lot to you but, I will match it and then winner takes all. C'mon. You are such a big mouth, I am sure you can find some one to back you. You still do not show one instance when I scammed anyone, Putz.
      Hey, if you spend enough time reading all my posts, you might just get your thinking straight and become a worthwhile participating member of society. Putz!

    • Well, Yahoo cut me off again! Sorry about that.

      What the scammer claimed in both posts (January 29, 2013, at 9:13 PM, and almost 7 years earlier on March 20, 2006, at 4:05 PM), was that he had earned over $300,000, total, part time, and he had checks coming to him on a regular basis.

      When he unwittingly admits he hadn't earned any more than he had already earned, 7 years before, it is difficult to put any faith or belief into the Bee Ess which he pitches quite a bit in his posted messages.

      He also predicted over a billion a year in sales in the next couple of years, from "helping" people with their health, as stated in his March 20, 2006 posted message. There is no legitimate scientific evidence which shows that mannastuff has directly helped anyone who consumed it, unless it is by a placebo effect, which is often common and averages about 1-in-3 who will have a placebo effect no matter what they take, including tap water placed in bottles, out of one's own faucet.

      When I have more time, I will get in, a little deeper, with this scammer... he has a troubled mind, and one can easily see the proof of that with just a few messages he posted on the ACAS Yahoo message board. I'd be happy to put them in my posts, but Yahoo is preventing that, for some reason; but, I can at least direct you to them when I have more time... because if he is going to be scamming on this board, the readers need to know who they are dealing with. There have already been too many naive, gullible, unenlightened, miracle seeking, uneducated, and easily misled suckers on this board, and they got taken, thanks to others--just like the scammer.

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