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  • mulligan994 mulligan994 Nov 13, 2007 6:29 PM Flag

    1st Quarter....Does the market really care?

    Another quarter of pretty much what I have been suggesting in my recent posts. Revenues up slightly, warranty problems still a major headache and earnings per share after all these quarters of three pennies per share. To be terribly honest I am tired of it all even though I firmly believe in the new CEO Mr. Murphy. At 72 years of age I will simply look for another avenue of speculation in the low priced stock area and hope to have some fun with it. Good luck to all of you.

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    • Although I own a sizeable position I just added another block this morning at $1.41. This morning's activity has all the earmarks of a selling insider and we have gone thru that many times before and they all resulted in a happy ending. Who knows, it is time for people to consider tax manuevers and it is then also time for us to take advantage of their selling. The stock has held up very well in this weak market and I continue to believe that fiscal 2008 will be strong, especially in the 2nd half. Good luck to all and Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys!!

    • With the market behaving as it is you never know how cheap shares will get.
      If Coss decides to dump then all flood gates are open and you never know.
      Any way I was waiting for such moment, but now I'm not sure when to get in.
      Good luck to you and to the others on this board.
      It is a quite board but 99% of the messages are worthwhile.
      Enjoy your shopping spree in a few days........

    • Agreed...Q2 comp is an easy one and should be a clear winner. Hope that a stronger retirement of warranty issue accompanies such...then we could see very nice upside on S.P. I had hoped to add to my position if we got into the mid and low 1.40s but I'm afraid there's no real reason for the stock to be that low.

    • It was just a thought...

      Next quarter could be the winner we all wait for!
      Last year they had a big dip in sales putting the quarter in a loss of $0.01.
      With the actual trends increasing and the renewed confidence of major customers we could stay well above $5.0 in sales. This could lead to positive earnings of $0.02 or even $0.03, well above last year Q2.
      This will attract market attention and ....the SP could double.
      I will prudently try to increase my holdings in the next weeks / months to take profit of the present market scare.
      JMHO of course

    • Not sure the market cares. I've never seen an earnings release without an income statement before (excluding stocks under SEC investigation), but I only see a balance sheet and a cash flow statement here. If anyone cared, the market would be howling (though I haven't listened to the conference call, I think if anyone was howling they'd have released a revised earnings release including the income statement).

      As far as being tired of it all, perhaps you are just further along that pathway with PDEX than I am. From what I can piece together from the incomplete press release, things look promising. Sales growth of 14% and a PE of 11 if you annualize the quarter's earnings. Won't find too many other industrial companies with a PEG below 1 and nice operating leverage, IMHO. If you do, let us know. In any event, good luck to you.

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      • I too think the business looks promising but will admit that the warranty issue, which was to be solved this quarter, is still not there. But, consider that we're dealing with products with a 1-year warranty and the first-correcting design launched in March '07. We know this design lowered the rate of returns, hopefully by a significant amount, so we can expect the warranty expense to continue to drop as we get closer to March '08. And, there's a follow-on design that should be launched soon.

        New business looks impressive as well, as does the new Astromec motor.

        I think Murphy is going to err on the conservative side, and rightfully and shrewdly so.

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