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  • mulligan994 mulligan994 Nov 5, 2009 9:07 AM Flag

    Murphy......The Good Guy

    Yep, there he is again, buying 5000 shares at .69 cents. Remember, the guy owns a half-million or so shares so buying 5000 shares now really means nothing to his personal bankroll. I am convinced he is telling us something and we have to read between the lines and that is that things are improving and we should be buying the stock.

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    • Yep...what about the 25,000 sale by "officer" Patrick Johnson the previous day? What does it tell? Jump ship or what?

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      • I missed that one, thanks. However in all fairness he owns around 400,000 shares and hasn't sold a share since the summer of 2008. I really can't read anything negative into that. if I should see more sales like that attributed to him it would raise my suspicions. The stock has come from .27 to .66 despite the antics of Coss so we are in good shape. BTW regardng the Coss sales do you guys remember the days when Coss wanted to sell and just dumped his shares on market orders causing 10 and 15 cents drops immediately in the share price. I can't help but notice recently that when he sells there is a flurry of buyers ready to support the buy side of his sell transactions. I am not suggesting anything illegal about that but certainly the marketplace is being told that some stock will be available soon and blocs of stock are then gathered to be ready for his sell orders. Yes, he stil knocks it down a penny or two but compared to the past that's one helluva improvement.

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