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  • Stock has dropped to 2 1/8 in response to the semiconductor situation. Also a bit of mild insider selling, in anticipation of lower numbers for the semiconductor segment, I suppose. On the whole it looks pretty cheap right now, although the quarter ending in March 1998 will likely show some sales decline at the semi subsidiary. How much of a decline is anyone's guess.

    I bought in today.

    Don't expect much of a thread to develop, but if anyone is out there with an opinion or comment, I'd be happy to hear it.

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    • Last time I was out of town, FLEXF 'spiked' for me. I'm leaving for Atlanta tommorrow, maybe PDEX'll do the same :).

      I had CITA go from 4 to 20 once never been that lucky again.

    • I bought in at 4.5 on the advise of my broker, sometime in 96. What a long waste of time and money. I'll be out by the end of the week, unless something dramatic happens.

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      • I don't think you'll see $4.5, until and unless they do a 'sucessful' aquisition.

        But they should be able to hit the low threes within a reasonable
        amount of time. If there ever was any smart money in PDEX then that was the dumbest of the smart money leaving last week.

        They have taken some positive steps, and revenues should be mostly growing from this point on.

        Price-wise, I'm thinking above three within 6 months, although the next two to three months are uncertain.

        Well, hope you make the right move, I'm still accumulating :).

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