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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Oct 4, 2002 3:13 PM Flag

    How's Hidden Value Teatin Ya ??

    Just keep cacklin about how much all that polluted real estate is worth......

    The market values this stock for the real expected value of that real estate and then discounts it even further because of the idiot in charge.

    And yes (all you detractors).... as predicted from the inside information this stock is down into the single digits in just one (count em ...1) week.
    At least intraday in hour til close.

    Let's see if anything can pull this out of the dumpster in the last hour.

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    • Martha even the biggest turkey has its day and PBY is no turkey. Buy/Short at the right point and you are a winner. Martha even a turkey like you can win!!!

      In this down market PBY will probably go single digits BUT it isn't for the reasons you cite. It is the market that is taking PBY into single digits.

    • Ladenberg recently recommends the stock about 3 points ago.
      The stock is cheap on absolute and relative value (versus AZO)

      Who is selling at these prices?
      Does any one know if the company has a buy authorization?