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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Jan 28, 2003 2:52 AM Flag

    reward/risk ratio

    Haven't I been telling you recently that this turkey of a stock is nosing down to single digits again?

    Why have any of you (except little Mouse) doubted my acumen to fortell the future concerning this stock.

    As you have been told -- my inside knowledge of the workings (mostly bad) of Mitch is what provides this ability.

    Had you all just followed my advice you all would indeed be driving around in brand new SUVs bought with this knowledge.

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    • Mitch and his professional crew have turned the corner on making things work. Hey they got rid of you. If I remember you have touted AZO over PBY in the last few months.

      Martha do you have your head in the sand? Seems so. Martha you have to stay current on what is happening in the market. Doesn't seem that you know whats going on. Its the overall market that is dragging PBY to where it is not Mitch and his crew. If it weren't for Mitch PBY would be probably below 8. Thank goodness he was wise enough to get rid of the dead weight. You know like those that like to complain. With your handle we all know you probably complained... Gee I can't make it to work today...see I've got these terrible cramps. Gee I've got to go to the ladies room for personal reasons. Tell me Martha did you ever do a little weed in the bathroom?

      Martha only the best survive.

    • That's what I thought - same old babble!

      How about disclosing some of that inside information you keep touting. In the years you've been babbling, you haven't told us anything of value. If you were so close to Mitch, how come you didn't know about his resignation before it was announced? What is your inside information about who will replace him? Who is being considered?

      Anyone (including mouse) who listens to you and risks enough money to buy an SUV betting on a 10% downside move on this stock is a fool, or has money to burn.