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  • lagunadan92677 lagunadan92677 Oct 5, 2005 6:06 PM Flag

    New Executive?

    So, is Sr VP of Parts & Tires a lateral or downward move?

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    • Putting Page and Cerrelli in charge of service?? Neither one of these guys can air up a tire let alone know what it takes to be successful running a service center.

      Page is just a head nodder. I'm surprised his neck hasn't snapped due to too much use.

      Cerrelli is Mitches old "step and fetch" boy.
      Does he still wear that rug that looks like and old toilet lid cover??

      Maybe this is just the last rung on the ladder before they get pushed off.

      This is fun to watch from a distance. Glad I'm not in the mix anymore.

      Gone over 2 yrs and glad to be out of the whole mess.

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      • I met Joe Cerrelli when he was VP of Customer Service and I thought he had some sort of animal on his head. Ask either one of these guys a question and you�ll get a non-answer; now they have no place to hide. Service is where Larry sends people to die. Larry and Harry are already trying to find someway to get out of the service business; the only problem is there is absolutely now way to make our super centers profitable without fixing service.

    • Reporting to Hal Smith will finally be Marks downfall. Hal is not one of Marks biggest fans.
      He will place demands and not buy any of Marks
      BS. Unlike what Larry has been led to beleive.
      I bet you find it hard to believe that of all people Mark is still around. I think the weirdest move was moving Cirelli to service. Now I know Larry has lost it. Mitchs driver now in charge of our largest problem. This beast will eat Joe right up.

    • Bet ya there was no change in salary...wana bet?