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  • faststeve21 faststeve21 Oct 6, 2005 8:12 PM Flag

    Which why did they go?

    First let me apologize for the way this post is worded. Because of Pep Boy�s musical chair management style and all the VP this and VP that it may be a little difficult to follow.

    Mark Bacon was hired as Senior Vice President - Retail Operations and Mark Page was demoted from Senior Vice President Operations to Senior Vice President - Service Operations. Larry said we did this because �The restructuring has allowed us to hire talented leaders with industry specific experience - retail or service.�
    But now we have Joe Cirelli running service and he answers to Mark Bacon, but neither one of these guys have any service experience. If we look at Joe Cerelli�s history with Pep Boys we see that besides being Mitch�s Bitch he has been Vice President - Operations Administration, Vice President - Customer Satisfaction and, most recently he was Vice President � Development.
    Mark Bacon is a strange unstable man from Staples and probably doesn�t even own a car. What happened to �industry specific experience? What happened to management focusing on their specific area?

    Some people on this message board, a very few, have attacked me or questioned my motives because I have been critical of Pep Boys, their policies and their performance but the truth is Larry�s plan has failed. We employees knew we were doomed when we saw the horrifying rate we were turning over our workforce. In the beginning Larry told the world it was �good turnover� and that we were �up grading our workforce� but the truth is it was the uncontrolled mass exodus of employees that contributed to what we have now, a failing business. A lot of things went wrong over the last few years but the biggest one was service manager turnover. Running a large flat-rate shop like ours takes more then a few weeks training, a check list and good people skills. Maybe one in a ten thousand people have the multitasking skills, people skills, sales skills and automotive experience needed to run one of our shops, and most of them left and they took all �their� people with them. When a good service manager leaves you don�t just have to replace him, you also have to replace all the good techs, installers and writers he takes with him to his next job. It happened in my store and that is why my service department is in shambles. Every few months we get another inexperienced service manager that gets eaten up and spit out. There is no continuity of customer service and when we hire a good tech he sees how messed up our shop is and he quits.

    Our stores are a mess, Pep Boys employees really do hate their job and our performance as employees and as a company has been dismal. It makes me laugh when I read idiotic post on this forum saying things like �something big is happening� or �somebody knows something big� because of a minor fluctuation in our stock price. I look in Pep Boys Business Intelligents application every day and I see just how bad sales really are and then I read posts on this board saying �up up & up� and �jump in now�; it really is comical.

    Remember Larry�s words when the third quarter numbers are released.

    Larry Stevenson, Chairman and CEO, said, "In response to the weak sales performance of our Service Center operations (labor plus installed merchandise and tires), which has continued into this quarter, we have chosen to dedicate two of our most experienced executives to these important areas of our business."

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    • �musical chair management style� funny but true.

      joe cirelli got service because he drew the short straw and it�s only a matter of time before joe gets tossed in the trash.

      • 2 Replies to ny_watcher
      • What a waste of real estate and brand. I've watched this company for 15 years and they were better back then.

        The way the whole industry is changing, Pep Boys will likely have to close stores to stay afloat.

      • Nice song huh!

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    • Well done

      Anybody interested in what is really happening at Pep Boys need only to read you writings.

    • Excellent post with words in the right place, dude. No matter what the "share" holders say or "predict" on this board, truth in the matter is, what goes on in the front lines, will only be known to those that are there (or in most cases, those that WERE there). With all the layoffs, firings, repositioning, etc. in the field, it's a wonder that we can operate "as well as we do" on a daily basis. We all know what it's been like these past several years with Larry Lump Lump on board. Talk about Cirelli...ha! That's a real joke for sure. I remember him way back in the days when he was just a "wet behind the ears" salesperson, trying to make a living selling parts on the counter like the rest of us "ole timers". He forgot where he came from as did most of the yuk yuk's that survived Larry's slaughter. that McEarlane schmuck!Techs, mechs, installers....gone with the wind! Ok, ok, so a few installers are still there. Yeah....alignments can be done by them, right? Oh, wait a minute, no time for alignments alignment tech had to go home sick and I have a total of one alignment to do, so no time for more. Sorry. You'll have to go to Sears, Mr. Customer. Oh, and yeah, our 50 minute tire change will now be 50 hours to wait for. Sorry for that, too. Oh...and the plan-o-craps are backed up from last December '02, so I gotta put my best parts counter person on that project. Let Joey-New-Guy (that just got finished looking at 32 video tapes in the back room) wait on you. And, Mr. Customer, don't get discouraged if Joey says "we ain't gots dat part here in dis store noways" make you angry. Just go down the street to our competitor's and buy whatcha need, K? Oh...just call our Customer Service hot line and complain. I could use less bonus points this quarter anyways. What's a little CSI call anyhow? Don't mean nuttin'. Back to Cirelli.....laughin' again! Mark "Howdy Doody" Page get waffled again folks! Put him out to pasture with the rest of the dum dum's that ruined many a good employees' career just because he didn't like them. Yes, true folks, if Page didn't "like" you, he would tell his cronies to "do something" to make him/her quit. Believe it or not....not my concern if you do or don't. Seen lots of changes, saw lot's of wrong doings, saw VP's steal merchandise (and know their names), heard discriminating remarks from same, caught a few VP's unnoticed sneaking around where they shouldn't be (you know who you are so don't give me none of your crap), remembered the dude (and dudes) who put merchandise up on the roof of their store and covered it up with a blue tarp thinking it would go unnoticed for inventory all because a certain DOM (that's still with the company but not a DOM) threatened his job if he didn't find a way to "get rid" of all that overstock before inventory. Funny thing is, management got fired or demoted over that whole fiasco, but the DOM came up smelling like a rose, saw the threats, heard them, kept quiet all these years, but I figured, what the heck....Ha! I think I'll write a book.
      Faststeve...I truly enjoy your posts. Keep 'em up and tell it like it is. I, for one, know the truth, as you do too. We'll keep hanging in there hoping for the best, but we know it's just a job. Gotta leave it at work and not take it home, right? Shame is, we once had a great bunch of team members. It's just some of them turned sour just to save their own asses. That you can take to the bank, but who's to blame? We all have families to take care of and have to go with the flow. Trouble is, there are too many bobble heads that are too scared in their boots to cause ripples. Too bad this company had to hire the likes of Larry Yuckle Head, the bookworm. He'll sink this ship and run with all his shares before too long. We've been down this road before....shades of Irv Frantz, McSorley, Bryce, Mitch, Storey, Shaneyfeltpants, Feltner, cobble McErlane, Chidseys, and many more too numerous to mention. 'Nuff said!

    • This post is in reference to the recent stock price fluctuation. I agree that the comments about "Something big" happening were premature and without merit. As I said earlier, I've watched the stock for over 20 years and it's more predictable than some think. My take on the sudden surge in stock price AND volume is simple. Pep Boys buys back it's own stock, and obviously they will do so when the stock trades at it's lower range. With a small stock float, it doesn't take a lot of trading to get the price changing. As the stock price AND volume start to pick up, some investor's start to jump on the band wagon. With a non-existant trailing PE and an estimated future PE of 50 or 60, NO fund manager in their right mind would touch this stock. I'm quite certain that it was PBY repurchasing stock, and they did so before the ex-dividend date. (They are saving on the dividend payout this month) The earnings per share will be increased also with fewer shares outstanding. There will be no buyout or anyone looking for a stake in the company. There are plenty of other stocks with strong earnings to choose from. This stock will be range trading until there is a significant change in earnings.

    • Looks like the proverbial "Death Spiral."

      Your posts are usually on target, unless you have had a few too many........

      Bacon is not the answer.........there were others with a clear vision that could have saved the retail ship.

      Service, let it run.........there are qualified guys in place that can get it long as the brass hats let them do their thing........The Canadian book seller is in over his head.

      Life's a bitch and so is Hillary.