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  • autotoauto autotoauto Oct 12, 2006 10:24 PM Flag

    Positive outlook?

    Is there anyone reading and writing on these threads that actually work for the company?

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    • You have got to be kidding!!!

      For the most part there are three easily identifiable types of post on this board.

      Curious investors- these people can be identified by their inquisitive post, asking questions.

      Current Pep Boys employees � Also easily identifiable by their absolute hatred of this company and its management. (I fit into this category)

      Former Pep Boys employees � see current Pep Boys employees.

      Idiots, fools and liars � these are the people that say things like �Wow, big news is coming out, buy buy buy!� and �everybody wants to buy Pep Boys and soon we�ll all be rich, so keep buying�

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      • Draw your own conclusion re: faststeve - constantly bashes, hates PBY, but in the end won't leave, because <insert psycho-babble and rationalization here>. He knows it all and speaks for everyone.

        FS: speak for yourself, not for all of us. We know its a mess, but we're working on it. You are not an innocent observer, you are part of the problem. Blame the company if you will, you simply confirm your role.