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  • lagunadan92677 lagunadan92677 Jul 15, 2007 1:44 AM Flag

    Dismal Performance?

    It may look that way on thev surface, but keep in mind what happened to retail stocks as a whole last week. Home Depot & Sears Holding reported that future earnings will be below analyst's expectations, causing a general sell-off in most retail stocks mid-week. On Friday, retail sales were reported as weak, causing a further sell-off. Right now, or in the very near future, COULD be an opportunity to get back into this stock. The next PBY earnings report is coming mid-August. Last year's negative earnings could be wiped out with positive results this year. The last time I looked, analysts were expecting an 11 cent eps. A 3rd consecutive positive qtr could indicate that this turnaround is real. I think this stock starts climbing again by the end of July. How far down it will go in the meantime is only a guess. A guess that someone good with charts could probably answer.

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    • With a pe of 780 they better come in with what the analysts expect or the stock is headed downward. The PE has already factored in a turnaround. Retail stocks were mixed for June and the boys are no exception. Shake that kitty jar. At best expect a flat stock price till august.

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      •'re not telling the whole story. The 782 P.E. is due to 3 cents worth of earnings so far. This quarter PBY has a chance to wipe out a 2 cent loss with an estimated 11 cent gain. That's a 13 cent turn-a-round. That's the reason the forward P.E. is about 38, which is much more reasonable. Should PBY report 11 cents eps, this stock will resume it's climb. Anything less than 10 cents and this stock's price will stagnate or drift until the next quarter. ANY upward surprise will cause a stock buying frenzy. This will be the most important earnings report to date.