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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Feb 22, 2008 11:23 AM Flag

    Top 10 Institutional Holders

    Yahoo finally updated ownership #'s as of 12-31-07 for Top 10 Institutional ownership. As of 9-30-07 they owned 65.22% of PBY and as of 12-31-07 they jumped to 68.91%. As I stated before and confirmed by Yahoo today, FMR (Fidelity)did go from 3.37% to 6.63%. Here's a breakdown of Top Ten sales/purchases for the quarter:
    Advisory Research sold 707,917 shares
    Barrington bought 776,900 shares
    Dimension Fund sold 1,000 shares
    Keeley Asset sold 2,388,310 shares
    Glenhill bought 770,724 shares
    Barclays Global sold 44,167 shares
    Royce & Associates bought 174,200
    FMR (Fidelity) bought 1,687,817 shares
    Clark Estates bought 1,037,200 shares
    Pirate Capital unchanged

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    • Well - look at the timing.

      These yahoos bought in when PBY dropped down to single digit (9 or maybe even 8).

      That's too cheap when these funds have other peoples money to risk. What do they care.

      So they bought into a silly company that still can't figure out how to make a profit.

      And sells go-karts that it won't service.

      The list of 10 is a list of ten idiots.

    • And all ten of em should be real worried that Jef is not effecting any change in the business model.

      And all ten of em should be real worried that there are insufficent earning to support the current dividend.