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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower May 19, 2008 9:08 AM Flag

    highlights of 10K

    GOOD news from the annual report/10k just mailed...GROSS profit margin as a % of sales on Service sales increased from 8.4% to 11% eqauting to a 29% jump... The company bought back $51 million worth of its own shares in fiscal 2007---they own the buildings and real eatate on 259 out of 562 locations and own four office buildings (one being the 300K sf corporate headquarters) as well as two warehouse distrubution facilites. They sold over $300 million worth of real estae and utilzed the proceeds to pay down debt.

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    • Hi Short!

      Like many here I will become impatient if PBY hasn't turned a profit 2 quarters from now. It is hard to wait when you see gold, Brazil and other holdings you have going up and PBY is just sitting there. Up 11 cents down 9 cents up 14 cents down 8.


      Hay Martha

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