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  • buylowandsellhigher buylowandsellhigher Apr 3, 2009 3:57 PM Flag

    nice closing momentum

    looks like PBY might close on its high of the day. That bodes well for next week's trading action.

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    • The following will move this stock:

      1. Free press from Barron's and Motley Fool.
      2. Sales growth through new TV adds. Excellent add and I saw it run in the Phila area 3 times in the past 24 hours. I do not watch much TV.
      3. Store Traffic - I was traveling this week. Stopped by Marlton, NJ and Lancaster, PA. Both were very busy during a week-end morning.
      4. The consumer is hurting and will not be trading in their old vehicles. The are delaying needed maintained such as tires and will need to come in sooner or later. I was traveling the 150 Miles along I-95 yesterday to Wash, DC and saw no less than 8 vehicles with flats. Most likely running these tires to the metal treads.

      Just my 2 cents

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      • This is from Motley Fool:

        Auto parts retailing has also been a winner. Consumers are holding on to their cars longer, and that means more trips to the supply store to keep their vehicles maintained. We'll get a closer glimpse into that theory on Thursday when Pep Boys (NYSE: PBY) reports. The market is braced for a quarterly deficit, though.

        Analysts are banking on Pep Boys bouncing back with a small profit for the current quarter, so check out the conference call to see if the company can hit the high beams to provide a good view of the road ahead.

    • Right at the close there was a block of 34,400 shares at $5.23. The closing trade was for half of that or 17,200 st $5.23....also the high for the day. The last 50,000 shares were all 7,000-10,000+ share blocks all on the buy side. Whoever has been accumulating let the stock drift all morning and started buying early evening small amounts. Monday should be interesting. I think we will drift lower at the open and close above $5.50 Monday. There appears to be a rush to get in before Thursday morning. Should break $6 by Wednesday. Depending on news/conference call, we will be below $5 or above $7 Thursday evening IMVHO. DaninFW

    • That was nice i am hoping for this thing to get rocking next week i know sales were down and sales begining first of year was little better according to PBY news article so if they say the right things i am thinking good things to come