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  • judandowell Apr 8, 2009 8:26 PM Flag


    No question we will see many upgrades tomorrow or Monday. The incredible thing that could happen if we see a few million shares traded tomorrow andwe break above $7, it's possible we could run to $9-10 tomorrow as well. You may think I'm smoking crack but once we get above $6.93 there is no resistance till $8.62. What we don't know today is how many shares may have been shorted between $4.50 and $5.30 that may also rush to cover. Institutions don't buy stocks under $5 and they don't buy at $5. They wait to make sure they are going to stay above $5. PBY fits the profle. We may actually have a perfect storm in the morning. If they throw any other positives outin the out. DaninFW

    CURRENT PRICE 6.02, just below resistance, 6.51 ± 0.42, type Double, strength 10

    RESISTANCE ABOVE +8.1% at 6.51 ± 0.42, type Double, strength 10
    +53% at 9.21 ± 0.59, type Single, strength 2

    SUPPORT BELOW -17.8% at 4.95 ± 0.32, type Triple, strength 10
    -31.1% at 4.15 ± 0.27, type Double, strength 8
    -39.5% at 3.64 ± 0.23, type Triple, strength 10
    -46% at 3.25 ± 0.21, type Double, strength 10
    -53.3% at 2.81 ± 0.18, type Triple+, strength 10

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    • Quite possible - yesterday AA reported a hugh quarterly loss with very little forward guidance, however gave some sector guidance, and it did not tank - instead is moving higher.

      Stocks have been beaten down so bad over the past 6 months that nothing can stop this run until June.
      Bad numbers are already priced into this earnings season it seems.

      The DOW needs to move back to 10,000 and S&P to 800 before we see any significant reversal in uptrend. The proposed shorting-ban will help stabilize the market as well.

      By then the economic rescue package will unfold, credit unfreezes, businesses survive and eventually grow stronger.

      PBY is in a great prosition. I also recommend TRW and F.

      PBY is still a strong buy at this level!

    • >>>institutions don't buy stocks under $5 and they don't buy at $5. They wait to make sure they are going to stay above $5. <<<

      That's an excellent point, the institutions want a sense of permanency regarding the $5 threshold. So, Pepboys management timed the investor meetings with the thrust above $5 or maybe they just got lucky. They are going to reassure big investors that there are long legs to the PBY story and the resultant rally. Odell & Co. are starting to look like the real deal for a change.

      Here's hoping the CC goes great!

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