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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Apr 21, 2009 10:47 AM Flag

    Patience Grasshopper

    PBY stock will rock well past $10 IMVHO within next 60 days. The idiots that have been downgrading ORLY, AZO and AAP to sell are now changing to "hold" s they won't have egg all over their face when these guys reports their next quarterly reports. Argus at least had the courage and jumped from "sell" to "buy" which is very, very rare. Most only move one notch at a time. It appears that PBY is finally talking to analysts again, something they haven't done in years. The perect storm is starting to form. The next major catalyst as I said before will be the ORLY report on 4-29-09. I have been against the hub and spoke as I feel they need to fix their internal problems first, but it appears that Wall Street likes the "growth" story. So, if we get tidbits of news on this in the next few weeks that will also drive the stock.The bellweather event will be 6-10-09 (approx) as they haven't given exact date yet but if PBY delivers on first quarter results just 7 weeks away we will be in double digits again before you know it. The MM is part of our problem right now as he is shaking out the weak hands each morning by tanking the stock and then unloading during the day. There is no question in my mind that major accumulation is under way. The 13G filings are already hitting with most due out no later than 3-4 weeks. If Glenhill and others show they have been buying that will also be a catalyst in May. DaninFW

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    • Careful LT. Dan ! PEP was able to run away from the all the bad news with the help of some leg braces.......the economy of repair and low new car sales. At best, PEP is a 9 dollar deal; if a deal is made. So the 7 and change level is not worth the risk. Hub & spoke; growth etc ??????? Sounds good but in reality, PEP can't keep bluffing with only holding low cards. It needs ASEs and those are very expensive cards. The big players, we all know, can accumulate a position over time but can't get out quickly unless there is a deal. The serious money has been made at this table; it's now time to test some new dealers. I would hate to be long this puppy when the realization sets in that there is no deal. Riggy

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      • BLUFFING, Very true. Pby is up cause dealers are closing. What about the stores that were closed few months ago, if they were still open then things would be better. But someone knew better and closed them down. When something or someone fails it is a lack knowledge to lead to success. Things will be the same for every company, no one seems to know why, but the truth is GREED is the failure of all.

      • Riggy, I have read a lot of your posts over the years and respect your opinion. However, I respectfully disagree. I as stated am not a proponent of hub and spoke. Nor do I believe PBY being acquired anything close to a definite. I have little or no confidence in upper management. However, something WILL happen. As for not being able to get ASE's they are fixing to be a dime a dozen when 1600+ dealerships shut down over the next few months. Secondly, real estate will be worth $10+ ultimately probably 2-3 years off. Big players realize that. They will figure out that retail in the future when we se the next COB change soon to com IMVHO. I could go on and on......DaninFW

      • I think buyout rumor is far down the list of reasons to own this stock for most here,the fact their are still bears out there is a good sign.see you at 10!