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  • midatlanticsound midatlanticsound Sep 9, 2009 6:45 PM Flag

    About the next "QUARTER"

    The next quarter is an interesting topic. On one hand there are still four next quarters in every next dollar. On the other, Did we get a new CEO yet and if not what's holding up the new COB from forcing a change ?
    And remember ther are 2 next dimes and one next nickel in the next quarter
    Between the sick humor lines are alot of questions-----mostly about leadership. I would love to have that job ( for no money) for one month. Dan would be working for me and he could, with his head. replace five of the dummies now helping run things ( or helping damage things as you might see it)
    If PBY doesn't get a real leadership team this quarter they will be looking again at five dollar stocks.

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    • Couldn't agree more. BTW, I have 17 years of multi-unit corporate management experience in autoparts and service centers. I spent another 20+ years running a chain of 35 vocational schools, owning part of and managing a chain of 35 grocery stores and being VP/General Manager of a group of four cable television franchises with 800 employees and about 200,000 daily customers. I only mention this resume to show I am critical of PBY management because I know it can be done better....If you listen to the conference call you will hear O'Dell talk about his 3 year plan....and you can tell one analyst isjust itching to ask why is he waiting so long.....why not do it now. O'Dell is not a leader. PBY needs revolutionary change quickly not evolutionary change that changes again before they get started. The BOD's is hampered with the Barrington and Pirate sharks that have no concept of how to run a business. They are Ivy Leaguers without a brain between them. I would run this company for a year for $1 with a guarantee to get 5%+ sales increases and double current profits at a minimum. If I delivered, I would take 100,000 options at $10.......because stock price would go to $20 when I delivered and I would make $1 million. I would either get a dollar or a million dollars. I have no second thoughts they would ever consider me but this is the kind of person they need running PBY. Work 80+ hours a week for nothing or get rich. They are out there....DaninFW