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  • bayshorerob bayshorerob Oct 1, 2009 6:13 PM Flag

    New store in Elgin, IL - Joe Cirelli, Store Devpt.

    I took notice of the Store Development spokesperson who announced the opening - Joe Cirelli.

    He has been part of the Pep Boys problem for over 20 years.....I really am surprised that he hasn't been surgically removed as one reasonably would do with other types of cancer.

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    • You articulated the situation better than I could have. Thanks.

    • If he is responsible for real estate he really should be fired as his decision making led to the closing of more stores than I can remember well over a hundred. Anyone that could pick that many bad locations definitely needs to go. As for productivity, his layouts effect customer service and payroll expense by virtue of the fact that they aren't customer friendly nor employee friendly. He should be creating an environment where customer is greeted, handled and checked out in the same location instead of running them all thru the store. and yes, LP is involved, Operations, etc. but he should be the main driver. DaninFW

    • I don't think he is responsible for planagrams or productivity. I may be mistaken but I think Joe is reponsible for real estate and new stores.

    • One should always make assumptions based on actual results. The evidence is clear PBY needs to make a change in this area. Just being a good guy and hard worker doesn't tell me he has any gray matter. Because he is a hard worker he has survived several regimes. Last year this message board was filled with negative comments from employees that were inundated with planogram updates that kept them from properly taking care of customers. If Joe had been doing his job over the years the new management team would not have found it necessary for fruit basket turnover. There should always be evolutionary change not revolutionary change......unless the revolution is to create something completely and totally different with 180 degree turnaround. PBY is still having almost 5% sales decreases in retail. As the store development guru he is losing customers to the tune of 5-8% a year for last 2-3 years. The stores are drab and unexciting. He should be reconfiguring the entire store to make it exciting, functional and highly productive. The evidence is overwhelming against Joe.....DaninFW

    • your posting is a waste of everyone's time....grow up ..... and make a contribution to society

    • Your posting is crude....unprofessional....ignorant....a waste of everyones time....grow up....and add some value to society.

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      • You are entitled to your opinion, as I am. Moreover, I am a longtime shareholder and am entitled to voice my opinion when it affects my pocketbook.

        The salient point is that Cirelli was (and I surmise still is) a soldier for the arrogance that caused Pep Boy to ignore the competition and to lose market share over the past several years.

        If you are any kind of student of mature companies, then you will realize that in the past two decades, many struggling companies have purged themselves of people like that. Consequently, many have reemerged leaner and stronger. However,Pep Boys has not completely taken such a step to rid themselves of the Cirelli types.

    • Joe has been with Pep through good times & bad, He may not be the solution for the current problems but he didn't cause them. When Regional & district managers don't understand the inventory system and refuse to listen to reason regarding store operations that causes failure,