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  • xquestor xquestor Nov 2, 2009 10:07 AM Flag

    PBY's little bag of tricks


    If you want to buy into the idea that PBY is making a profit; don't. All they did was reduce the dividend to make it look like the were now making a profit. When I go into my local PBY and there are employee's standing around chit chatting and there are no customers; you know that something is amiss.


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    • Take Pfizer, according to Yahoo their last four quarters earnings were $1.20. They paid 0.64 in dividends during that same time.

      Are you saying that Pfizer's earnings would have been $1.84 if they didn't pay out any dividends?

      You might not be saying that --- I'm not sure --- but in the above example, Pfizer's earnings would be $1.20 whether or not they paid a dividend.

    • You really need to take Accounting 101.....dividends are paid from profits, cash flow or bank borrowings....they don't effect EPS one iota....I do agree PBY is overstaffed due to their operational system which also negatively impacts the customer service experience as I have stated and elaborated for years on this board. DaninFW