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  • johnpbyer johnpbyer Dec 10, 2009 8:13 PM Flag

    Labor Rates or Skilled Rates

    Eskin1aBee you called me a moron because I said labor rates are high a PBY. You mentioned that there are no labor rates only skilled variable rates. How does that work. You confused the heck out of me. Kind of walk me through this because I do feel like a moron not to understand the difference of labor rates and skilled rates. So if I drive in to PBY for service I should ask for the less skilled technician to pay less or ask for the very skilled technician to pay more??? wonder why PBY can't get over $10.00

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    • Well since you asked, yes you must be a moron for not understanding my response on 12/8 to this same question. No you can not pay the nose picker less money for the same job. You can have him replace your light bulb. The tech or master tech would be replacing your engine. You do not pay more for this individual, you do not have a choice. More difficult work is assigned to a more qualified individual. You pay the hourly rate based on the skill level required of the repair.

      Luckily here in America we have choices, and many choices at that on where to service your vehicle, buy your food, clothes etc. If I don't like retailer "A" then I don't publicly bash them or disagree I goto retailer "B". But I guess when you want to manipulate a stock price and buy in cheaper you make stupid posts on message boards..

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      • GREAT POST!!

      • Texmontes, the technician may be very skilled and he or she may be able to do complicated work that requires skill. I don't believe that skill is all that is needed. I would say that he or she must have the knowledge and training to perform work on a vehicle.

        Skill defined: an ability that has been acquired by training.

        Knowledge:the result of learning and reasoning

        You see TexMex the skill level does not determine the hourly rate, the mitchell guide determines the amount of time it takes for a techincian to complete a job and the hourly rate is multiplied by the hours listed in the mitchell guide. Example 4hrs. @ $95.00 = $380.00

        To that end a nose picker can complete a job in 8 hrs and the labor cost will remain the same. Or a very qualified technician can complete the same job in 2 hrs. and the labor cost will be the same. The hourly rate is not determined by the skill level. The hourly rate is whatever is posted by law.

    • Now you're a cheap moron. Variable Labor Rate is the amount, per flat rate hour, that is charged. This rate will vary based on the Vehicle, Labor Time, and the location of the specific service that is to be performed. Example: An Engine install will cost more per hour than something simple like a bulb installation. So if you want your engine installed by the 19 year old kid picking his nose, go for it.