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  • scooterreturn scooterreturn Dec 16, 2009 4:11 PM Flag

    Is Pepboys Stock Dead ???

    PBY had the best Quarter in along time and the stock went
    down ??? What is going on ??? The management is marginal and has made alot of the right changes, they are now looking
    at last years overtime paid out (alot). Mike can save this company to hugh profits without a sales increase .... Wall Street only likes sales increases, this stock will be dead in the water a long time even with adding stores ...

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    • Why is Pep Boys Stock Dead??? UpperManagement, Area and VP Management, Store and Service Personnel. Investors do not have confidence in PBY Management. "PERIOD"

    • I think the killer last quarter was the $3 million+ impairment charge in hindsight. The analyst were caught off guard thinking PBY had already charged off everything but the kitchen sink. They actually also proved this quarter they over accrued last year and added back $1 million+ for inventory adjustments. They also never specified what the imparment actually was which was 6 cents EPS. Keep in mind, the main problem is the sector which doesn't have an overall buy rec at present. And we have GM and Chrysler now trying to appease Congress and as of last week agreeing not to close all those thousands of dealerships till they can negotiate with each one individually. Investors atill don't realize that is a minute factor and the real issue is age of cars on the road. We are also in the seasonal and cyclical phase of autoparts and service. The current quarter is the slowest of the year hence must less likely to provide upside surprises to any. We will start getting sector rotation upgrades in about March like we do every year. BTW, PBY closed today with a bid of 97,200 shares at $8.43 with last trade of about 17,800 shares at $8.43.....someone wanted a binch at the close. Still a big seller out that right now. DaninFW