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  • scooterreturn scooterreturn Dec 30, 2009 6:07 PM Flag

    Dead, Dead, Dead ...

    This Stock is Dead, which is a good thing !!! Can buy again
    when it goes under $ 3.00 in Feb. 2010. Have a Happy New Year !!!

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    • I think PBY is likely to trade in the $8-11 range in 2010....with a move back to $11+/- around time of next earnings report....mid-March to Early April.......however, a move in the Dow and S&P of 10-15% could get us to the $11-12 range. The easy money has been made on PBY.
      There will have to be a sea change in PBY such as hiring a bad A$$ new CEO with proven abilities in autoparts/service that could move this stock $2 in one week. These has beens and rejects from other companies aren't impressing the street. It's okay to have a 3 year or 5 year plan.......but that's usually internal. What investors want to see is a quick turtnaround in one year or less. They go to sleep in a 3 year turnworund. A plan this long just gives the CEO plenty of excuse time. They finally had a quarterly increase and immediately tell the street they can't do it again. They better pull out all the stops and blow sales away this quarter. If they don't deliver a sales increase we may drift between $7-9 next 6 months. A sales increase after warning of a tough environment would cement their credibility and stock would rocket. I don't think these guys are bright enough to figure this out.....I am mainly in the stock now because real estate in worth $10 a share and company is finally profitable.......and waiting for a miracle<G>.DaninFW

    • Dan I was being sarcastic when i said Mike O shorts the stock,
      just listen to him on the calls, we need someone else on these calls that can sell this stock/company !!! You yourself said we should have had a press release before the last quarters earnings ... Just someone who can tell everyone that PBY's is on Fire and it's only going to get stronger from here.

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      • I also am concerned that if they have a PR person he's wasted money. There should have been a press release after each real estate sale-leaseback last quarter (3 in total) letting investors know they were unlocking the value of their billion dollar real estate holdings. Investors need constant reminders that they made a good investment. I remember in the 90's PBY used to let investors know each money how sales were the previous month. Sales were never a surprise at quarterly reports. It kept management on their toes as they were being watched 12 times a year instead of just 4.....most retailers still do this with the exception of autoparts and service. We used to get 12 times a year for PBY stock to be volatile instead of just 4...<GGG>. I honestly believe PBY's is intentionally trying to keep the stock price down so management can get cheap options. There is no other reason for a CEO to intentionally dwell on negatives in a conference call and understate importance of positive and material events. There is no question they are looking to acquire a small or mid-size chain. They can never open 40 stores this year and 80 next year without doing so. If they got the stock price up to $12+ it would pay them to buy chains with their stock....ORLY bought CSK for all stock plus just $1 a share in cash. They now have 3400+/- stores. MDS should become an acquisition target. They are even more poorly managed then PBY if such a thing is possible. MDS has gone up $1 a share this past week as large investors have been given the green light to increase positions....which also bodes well for sector. daninFW

      • Sorry, if I jumped you. I also stated in messages after the call O'Dell personally crashed the stock in the conference call. It's a shame they can't find one decent CEO. daninFW

    • Is the DOW dropping 5,000 points in February? That's the only way......DaninFW

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      • Hi Dan!

        PBY has about as much chance of hitting $3.00 as PBY letting Martha of going from store to store modeling the K****. I picked up the it from one of your messages. Have you noticed Scooter/it Martha/it, etc. etc. haven't posted in some time? I think they are scared of the upside in PBY and your post of a day or two ago about no short activity.


        Hey Martha!

        Are we going to see a flury of posts from you and your "IT" friends? Are you scared of 11 and then 12?

        Su Buen Amigo!