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  • poopeye_in_california poopeye_in_california Jan 9, 2010 8:09 AM Flag

    Is there an oil filter shortage?

    Went to my local Pepboys store and saw few oil filters and definitely not my size.

    Why isn't Pepboys keeping its shelves stocked.

    I asked the Mexican employee and he just shrugged his shoulders and muttered something in Mexican, so I don't even know what he said.

    Time they hire real Americans who can communicate. too.

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    • No question that a better stocked store will do more biz. This doesm't seem to be the PBY mindset. Most retailers in this sector realize it;s hard to buy things from an empty shelf.

    • They so seem to be not as fully stocked and well staffed as a few years ago. As with any retailer----if they don't have it you can't buy it. Lower inventory levels may result in lower sales volume. I do think you should drop the racist element of your comments but if you are talking about the general quality of help in the stores many would agree it could use some improvement.

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      • Hi Sound!

        Poopeye is one of Martha's aliases. She/it will never drop the racist remarks I'm afraid.


        Come on Murtha/it tells you were born in Juarez and your name is Martha Maria Gonzalez. If so what a slap in the face to a race to have you as part of it. Do you get a bonus for every time someone answers one of your alias posts? You know 5 cents for every response. You know you do such a **** job they should only pay you 2 cents.

        Yur Gud Friend