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  • piperpilotilg piperpilotilg Jan 25, 2010 8:08 AM Flag

    Moved to Advance

    For those who are tired of getting ripped off with Pep Boys rebate scheme, try Advanced Auto. I've moved my business to AA and couldn't be happier. The stores are cleaner, prices better, and no dishonest rebate practices. Just google "Pep Boys rebate complaints" and see what you get. Only about 50% of the folks I've talked to have ever received their rebate from Pep Boys. I'll be shocked if this company is still around in a few years.

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    • I couldn't help but notice where you are from and take a big offense to your post. If you shop where you live, you are talking about my store as I am the manager of the Newark De Pep Boys. I will agree with one thing you said only, the store has some age. Other than that we (and my customers who agree based on my CSI) are in agreement that the store is clean, well staffed with "older" knowledgeble car people and full of stuff. I have helped maybe five people last year who did not get their rebate. Most of these were tire rebates where the customer did not read to send the reciept not the work order. It matters not as anyone who had a problem and approached anyone on my staff, we got them taken care of. Yes there was a time when we did not have this track record but that is very old information. What I do find interesting is that the new kid on the block in Newark is an Advanced which is less than a mile from my store. As much as I would like to say that all of my customers have stayed loyal to my many years of trying to treat them right, some did go experience the new environment. Ironically enough, alot of them are back saying our prices are better (which is not important since we will meet their price anyway) our selection is better and my employees know what they are talking about. So do you really like hanging out on the boards of companies you decline to invest in or are you really an employee standing in that new store looking at the ceiling in boredom?

    • I've bought several sets of tires and other rebate items. Always received back in 2-3 weeks when they said 6-8 weeks. Great program at Pep Boys. Nice try Advance employee. DaninFW