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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Apr 12, 2010 7:47 PM Flag

    Note 14 in 10K

    If you read Note 14 in the 10K filed today, you will see that besides the $19,918,000 set aside for pensions in 4th quarter LY.....PBY put ZERO in during the entire year of 2010. The plan actually gained almost $6 million this year in net returns/investments.......and the real kicker is that the pension fund is currently OVERFUNDED by $10,887,000 as of 12-31-09. I rest my case. Guess what? They can go in during this year and "determine" that it is overfunded (which it is) and decide to take out say $5 or $10 million and put back in about sandbaggers........this is also known as smoke and mirrors. Analysts-----they actually like this because they know that if PBY starts running into problems......they can dip into these type accrual accounts. in answer to a previous question......the PBY management team is still the worst in the industry. They have just mastered the "game". It scares me when a company has a team that will play games to make the numbers. They purposely did this LY IMVHO to fuge the numbers. I said it then and I say it now. When this crashed the stock LY, management got to load up on cheap options.......DaninFW. If we start to see insider out. DaninFW

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    • I see a different picture..according to note 14, PBY has pension obligations at the end of the year of $42.744 million with its pension account valued at $$31.857 million. Therefor it is not in an 'overfunded" status, but $10.887 million underfunded.

    • I'd rather have them play games to make the #'s rather than not play games. The fact that that they are doing so, means they care about the stock price- a very good thing indeed!!!The overfunded pension plan is a nice problem to have.This stock is on a roll--you have to be on the same side as the trend to exploit the upside. 415 by summer is a distinct possibility!!!