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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Jul 2, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    Insiders Today

    Scott Webb, newly promoted EVp just bought 5,000 shares today at $8.47........I'm holding for $12 now. DaninFW

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    • John's really a smart and experienced guy. He has had some great posts. I think he is an ex employee. DaninFW

    • Dan:
      Interesting post by JohnPByer...however, in a very subtle way, he was negative on the stock by mentioning past failures, but never substantiated his statement.

    • XQ---I would add that most of my posts include IMVHO----I hope you know what that means. DaninFW

    • I think I am about the only person on this board that posts negative and positive on PBY and most often post links when I deem it necessary. And yes, I do sometimes post garbage. DaninFW

    • Dan,

      You are right! You can post garbage like everyone else! But if you post, at least give people other information that backs up your statements! Don't make statements based on hope that mislead the uninformed. That makes you no better then a spammer and we both know that is not your intent.

      As for the charts. They are what they are. They always tell the truth as to a stocks performance, which is always based on investor sentiment and the stocks trading price. I do not make charts look the way I want as charts are based on stock price, which I do not control.

      If you think you can make The PBY chart look different then what is posted; please do.

      Best Regards


    • BTW, I posted facts from balance sheet. Quit being lazy and look them up for yourself. Nobody should ever invest without doing their own research. A chart has nothing to do with facts. DaninFW

    • I can post what I want just like you. I don't believe in charts most of the time. I prefer that you not post the garbage. Anyone, like you, can pick any one chart and make it look whatever way you want. It's a game. I could take the time to contradict you with another chart should I please. Thanks. daninfw

    • And why not go one step further...(i.e. shades of Vornado, the successor of Two Guys and Alexanders)...perhaps PBY could set itself up as a REIT and do a salesleaseback and make the existing buildings more productive retail strips or offices or whatever.

    • I agree with you but this has been the case for the better of 5 years now. PBY's currently has about $755 million in cash, inventory and receivables and only $532 million in current liabilities......over $200 million to the good. They only have $542 million in other debt of which $162 million is deferred gains from previous real estate sales. They only have about $380 million in actual debt. get this. They could sell their real estate for $1 BILLION, pay off all debt and have about $620 million left. They could do a $12 cash dividend to shareholders.........and company is still intact and making within pennies of what they would anyway. Their balance sheet would actually look much better. The point is this.......I and many others do not understand why a hedge fund or someone else doesn't buy PBY for $12-15 a share and do just what I said........they would get back $12 of their investment within 6-12 months and own a profitable company. If PBY ever gets competent management that gets EPS to about $1.50 to $2.00 a share which is where it should be, this would be a $24 stock. DaninFW

    • I think the $13.00 mark will be seen sooner rather than later!
      The article yesterday focused on your points about real estate values.I think we seen a momentum play soon!GLTA

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