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  • tony345388 tony345388 Jul 3, 2010 3:10 PM Flag

    Hi Dan, again, overall market

    Hi Dan, with all due respect to your profound inside on individual stocks, you may want to understand the overall market first before go into details of each stock.

    Remember that back to 1.5 months ago( Dow was still 11000), I posted here that if DOW hit 9500, few stocks could avoid dropping...and now, look at PBY, DPTR, SBGI, RMIX, C....

    Things happenning in Europe, jobless rate, house credit fading out...all those would probably get DOW lower...

    If you think Dow has chance to touch 9000....let's review those stocks at that time then..


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    • You also don't promote two people bragging about results and then disappoint. DaninFW

    • It's going to be a blowout quarter. These clowns have been sand bagging. I expect 31 cents vs 19 expect this quarter. This will push up forecasts for next 2 quarters and FY 2012. DaninFW

    • I think DOW may well hit 8500 but my experience has been people that invest based on fear lose out on the big runups because when it hits 8500 many will think it's now going to 8000, then when it goes up to 9000 they wait because it's going to drop again. They lose out. I don't invest for the next few weeks. My philoshophy is if it's a good buy today and drops even more.....I buy more. In the past few days, most averages have dropped 2-4% while SBGI has dropped 21% and PBY has dropped about 13%. C has dropped 4-5% in same period. DPTR and RMIXQ are both high risk, high reward stocks that dance to a different tune. I prescribe to Buffett's thinking that you buy when there's blood in the streets. We have 3 MBA's in the family and all 3 are telling me that they are hearing more negativity about the market than they've ever heard. That's a buy signal for me.
      PBY, ORLY, AZO, AAP all have done well because of the bad economy. They will continue to benefit. PBY has a major seller dumping shares right now and is way oversold. SBGI is fixing to have the best political revenues in their history. Many of you think I am a day trader. I held SBGI for almost 6 months before selling my last accumulation of almost 100,000 shares in May and have traded in and out a few times since then. I held PBY stock for over a year before tripling my money klast time and day and then in and out several times since. Today, is the time to hold not trade SBGI or PBY IMVHO. Check back with me in 1-3 months. Good luck. DaninFW

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